Ah yes, I can see that that’s the pocketguide edition!


Last sentence: «Now you are ready to turn the battery master on»


Last Sentence: “And with that we conclude our introduction to the landing gear system” :wink:

It’ll have as many volumes as there are AMM chapters! I am personally looking forward to 52 on doors!


Nah…I’m just a regular sim enthusiast these days. I think preview copy keys they hand out are life limited to three days, and I’m just not that quick on the draw anymore. Guys like Jabber and other YouTubers and Twitchers are way faster than I can ever hope to be. So I end up buying the modules and getting to them in a more relaxed fashion. The Yak-52 took me a few months to write about.

I’ll put in a good word for you with Heatblur though…I’m sure they’d love a true enthusiast taking a look at their enthusiast level product!


Oooh that would be fantastic! You’ve got my axe!


I can see @near_blind now…



After extenstive testing, the A/A radar break lock errors look to be fixed. A side-benefit of the revisited core-antenna logic is that the ACM modes lock much faster now (VACQ in particular). This is planned for release in the next OB update.

JHMCS AIM-9X cueing is also testing well (VR recommended). But display of radar-locked target data to the HMD needs further testing.

FPAS page needs a bit more work on the NAV TO function.

Team is plugging away at the L Mav.

Once I’m happy with the above features, I’ll create a new Hornet update video to explain each one.



Btw, any news on the A/G radar?


LMAV’s you say… that means GBU’s can’t be too far off :thinking:

Then again, I love me some LMAVs lol


There was an update recently saying that they lost the original engineer working on this. IIRC it’s not one of the 4 items immediately being worked on.


Thanks. That’s sad. :frowning:


Definitely, i hope that in term ATFLIR isn’t too far off.


I wonder what the plan is without him? Will they be hiring someone else or will another person on the team work on the A/G radar?


I seriously hope he documented his work well so another developer can just continue.

… experienced software developers will be laughing just about now.


My understanding is that was some time ago (4-6 months?) and that there is someone tasked with that work now. However, that departure did cause a setback in timelines, as you would expect.

Obviously, I reserve the right to be wrong. :slight_smile:


It seems the A/G radar (and A/A for that matter) has been immensely difficult to accurately simulate. When completed, should be pretty impressive.


I mean AG would be nice, but I feel like I’m just reaching my stride with RWS modes in AA combat. When TWS arrives then we’ll be cooking with gas…

I might not be the quickest learner, but the depth there means I’m not gasping for new stuff as yet, as still lots to chew and git gud on.


I have this mental image of Matt rummaging around a storage room muttering “where the heck is Bob, I know I left him somewhere here”…


We all miss dr. Tishin :frowning:


Oh no - I didn’t make that connection, didn’t mean to sound flippant. Of course - RIP.