If a missile is sensitive enough to find aerodynamic heating on aircraft, I imagine the exhaust of a piston engine fighter would light up as well, especially on a water-cooled V engine, with each side of the cowl flanked by them.



Not a criticism, but man that’s gonna be funky without the LST functionality from ATFLIR for ranging. Looking forward to it.


That’s what your USAF buddies with the A-10C are for. :slight_smile:
(But yeah I agree)


Fixed that for you.


Well…the F-14’s didn’t have any problem splashing Japanese Zeros that time the Nimitz went through a time warp (evidently because @Navynuke99 & friends were fooling around with the reactor controls). But they were M’s not X’s. Just say’n.

Note: I’ve posted a link to “Final Countdown” scenes/trailer at least twice…there must be some Mudspike Forum policy about too many posts of the same movie…even if it is a cinema classic…so I’ll refrain from doing so with this post…oh great…and now I’ve got the FinalCountdown theme music running through my head anyway.


wags is live right now in the hornet


Unless UA actually does have a time machine, those were Limas at best, more probably Golfs or Hotels because the Navy ain’t expending the real deal.


Probably…but definitely not X’s…and they did hit the Zero…you can’t fake something like that with special effects! Just say’n :slightly_smiling_face:


FWIW just hopped in and tried it, 9s need to be employed a fair bit closer to prop planes to hit head on. Seems to work best at 1.5-2nmi.

AIM-7 pulverizes them better, though.


A man who knows his history… a rare thing. Much more in that vein, and soon I’ll be able to provide proof.


More 9x testing.

So the digital beeping sound replaces the low growl from the other models, and when lock occurs, you get a high pitched tone. After firing two of these, the digital beeping sound would stop, even though they were still selected. In some cases I could not fire the missile. I double checked IR cooling and I had that set to Norm. When I changed to guns and then when back to the 9x, the beep would come back. A couple times beeping would occur with a missile selected, and then just stop.

Am I missing something here? Why would the missile be inactive like that when selected, and randomly?


Are you air starting?


No, ready to go on the carrier.

edit: Hit wrong reply button this @near_blind


OK, I found the bug. I’ve got weapons set to unlimited in this mission. When the weapons replenish, the missile goes inactive. They replenish even if there are a few left, so even if one is selected and working, once it starts replenishing, that one deactivates. Once it goes inactive, you can still fire it, but it is a total dummy.

120s don’t behave like that.

I suppose I should post this on the DCS bug forum. Using unlimited weapons though… the shame!


you naughty naughty little dog :dog: :wink:


His other book Hammer from Above: Marine Air Combat Over Iraq is much better imho, it features F/A-18Ds doing FAC and CAS, Harriers landing on the ship in a sandstorm, crazy UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper stories. Definitely worth checking out. Amazon Link


Really enjoyed this book.


I read that ohhh, ten, twelve years ago.

I think I’ve sufficiently established myself as * that guy * to point out it was AH-1Ws and UH-1Ns