Today’s update should fill the Hornet livery folder with 8 more skins now.


I never said it was a good thing that I was that guy, or even that people liked me for it :laughing:


It’s amazing what you can do with model airplanes and rockets on strings. That’s how they did a lot of Top Gun, too, with the caveat that they took the models outside and filmed them on a cliff so it looked a lot more real (real sunlight, real sky, real terrain).

Of course, only 1 Zero took a 9, the other ate some 20mm, which is how the Japanese pilot (played by a Korean actor, but…) survived to be captured. The pilot taken out by the Winder did not survive because plot.


It is, and we do. Because…well…you’re right. :wink:


In case anyone didn’t catch it, AGM-65Es are currently bugged if you try to load them inside a mission, so they won’t work in multiplayer unless the Bug is starting with them. If you try to reload them it zeroes out the code and they won’t uncage.


Congrats @Texac ! Glad to see them in game!


New liveries are fantastic!


Thanks to everyone, the support I receive here is well appreciated!

I hope it will be enjoyable to fly these.


Nice job on those!



Tomorrow, Friday, November 9th we plan a hot fix that will include the following for the Hornet:

  • If player uses in-game re-arm window for AGM-65E, they cannot uncage the seeker.
  • After player has fired all AIM-9, AIM-9 boresight reticle remains on HUD for all AA weapons.
  • AIM-9X not working correctly with unlimited weapons options
  • CLIMB logic for the FPAS page.

Other fixes are also in work like radar elevation and continued unlock stuck in an 8-degree scan under some conditions.



Any info on which of these things goes to open beta and which to stable release? When I fired up DCS today I played with the -9X but there was no JHMCS for me to use.


AIM-9X was integrate in the Hornet on a previously update on mid august:

The JHMCS was added only to the open beta yet last Wednesday.


These are all gonna be in the open beta until the next regular stable release which is next week (I believe). Everything discussed this week, including the fixes that @NineLine noted above, would be in the open beta.


Was going to ask when the next stable release was going to happen. Thanks for the info.


Next week. Tick tock.


Nice! Probably was in the pipeline already, but who knows, maybe my bug report two days ago did some good. If so, fast work!


I wouldnae be surprised if it did man! It’s such an edge case. How awesome is it that these tiny wrinkles are taking the seats where “showstoppers” used to sit.


Not to completely rain on the parade, but these tiny wrinkles are patched because they’re tiny wrinkles. There are still some mighty big krakens being hunted in the radar code.


Right, and once those get caught, not just the hornet is going to benefit. Same for the FLIR rebuilding which is gonna benefit the A-10, the helo’s, the harrier.

If only they’d allow JHMCS on both eyes for VR.


Any thoughts on the VR only-in-one-eye thing for the JHMCS @NineLine? Just wondering if I should just get used to it or if a change is coming.

Also, not sure we say this enough, but thank you for posting here and sharing the news - appreciated! :+1: