Yes I noticed this and jiggled a few keymaps to allow a separate press. Great work keeping us updated. The ED forums are growing too bloody big :grin:


First, no worries and thanks for working this issue.

Second, a question to the collective…what is the real FA-18C controls for the Maverick? How different are they from the A-10C? Looking at the DCS A-10C controls—how much can be “plagiarized” for a Bug Warthog HOTAS set up?


Throttle Designation Controller controls all slewable sensors in the jet. Which sensor is controlled at any given time is determined by what sensor has TDC Priority at any given time. This gets int o a more complicated target of designations, but that’s a topic for another time.

It all maps generally okay. The complications are the warthog has an extra hat on the front and an extra three position switch on the side, while lacking a button and roller on the front, and a button on the side.

I’ve personally mapped the speed brake, light switches and comms hat to their direct conterparts on the TMWH. I mapped the dispenser switch to the china hat, and I haven’t figured out a good use for the boat switch. I’ve used the coolie hat to control radar elevation, the TDC works as is, and I’ve mapped the RAID/FLIR FOV button to the pinky switch. I don’t care about ATC because ATC is boring. I wasn’t able to find a decent home for the uncage switch, so I instead moved it to the stick.


Got it. So the TMWH mini-stick covers the slew functionality of the real Throttle Designator Controler…does the real one also include a TDC press for locking a target? Or is that another button…on the joystick?


The real to life logic of the F/A-18 is the TDC is pressed down to designate, and the pinky switch on the stick is depressed to undesignate.


Hmmmm. :thinking:

The TMWH has a 3-way pinky switch…I use it in the Viggen for the 3-step target lock function…much to think about…thanx


I’ve got that mapped to depressing the comms switch, works pretty well.

Keep in mind you can also castle into the display with the sensor control switch to designate, and that way doesn’t induce errors you might find by pressing down the TDC. There can be functional differences between the two, though I don’t know what’d they’d be with the jet as modeled in DCS.

Three way pinky switch on the throttle for lighting, single button pinky switch on stick for NWS/Undesignate.


Just an FYI the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle is a very close representation of the hornet throttle (minus the whole two throttle part). You can pretty much map every button where it should be, use the giant paddle for zoom, and your good to go. Cant really beat it for the price.


True enough and normally with USN aircraft that is what I use it for…in the real acft, a good position to get lights on/off quickly…especially Off after a night trap, so as to avoid the “Lights on Deck!” call from the Air Boss.:grin:

As @near_blind pointed out, there is enough differences between the TMWH and the real thing. Nothing is going to be perfect.

For my FC3 aircraft (F-15, Mig-29, Su-33) there is a lot of commonality, so it’s pretty much the same TMWH set up.

For non-FC3, I fly the A-10C, Mig-21and Viggen the most. There is little overlap between them so every time I switch from one to another, it takes a flight or two to get used to the different controls. So if I can get my Bug controls 60%-70% of my A-10C setup, it will be a good thing.

Besides, me flying a successful night trap? Doubtful. :sunglasses:



I’m sorry, I don’t care how macho and tuff fighter pilots are; no one looks that calm before becoming what is in essence a human rocket ship.


2LT C. T. Dummy disagrees


That pilot thinks that mustache looks good. Nothing as minor as an ejection is going to faze him.


Look what I found :slight_smile: They don’t work yet but you can take them with you at least.


Will the Hornet targeting pod slave to radar locks in Air to Air mode? Just saw an interesting video showing an F-16 sim and was curious if we would one day have this capability. Or will big daddy tomcat and the TCS be the only one with this capability?


I am 99.98 percent confident that if the real aircraft does this, and it does, the DCS one will do so as well. Even if it takes @wags himself coding deep into the night until kingdom come. He’s that committed to getting the hornet right.


Based on reports from the gulf war, just flashing them is half their charm:)

REDFOR be all:


Hornet Mini-Update


Hey everyone,

To be as transparent as possible on this, we have four engineers on the avionics and weapon systems. While we’re not ready to attach dates, this is the general order of development for the next couple of months. Please recognize that this can change:

Engineer 1: Correct DUD cue logic, fuse setting, tune AGM-65F TTMR/IN RNG, and adjust AIM-9X tones. Once those are done, then JDAM.

Engineer 2: AGM-88C HARM and then ATFLIR.

Engineer 3: IFF interrogation, HAFU and color change when MSI is enabled, and then LTWS/TWS.

Engineer 4: Datalink with MIDS / Link-16 / MSI color display symbols, then the UFC BU page, and then INS ground and ship alignment.



Is ATFLIR tied to the new IR renderer or can they release it with the old renderer to update it at a later point?


From what I’ve read so far, they intend to tie it into the new IR rendering thing, so they don’t have to build things twice.