I’m using a CH setup here with the ministick on my throttle and while it’s great with the radar, the Mav seeker slew is horrid. It’s pretty much in ED’s court; contrast this with the seeker slew in the Harrier which is almost perfect.


This reminds me a lot of the initial AGM issues with A-10C beta. It will get better.


Hornet Mini-Update 2018-10-12

Hi everyone!

This week we plan to migrate the current Open Beta to the Release version. We’ve put this off for the past two weeks as we worked on some Hornet and other items.

For next week’s Open Beta, we plan (not promise):

1- GBU-10, 12, and 16 laser-guided bombs with off-board designation.

2- Bullseye (A/A Waypoint) and BRA indications.

3- Improved IR Maverick axis slew and other Maverick fixes/additions like improved ship attack, longer ship lock ranges, range indications when slaved, and others.

4- Fixed DUD cue.

5- New radar defaults based on SME feedback.

6- Fixed cockpit art like left DDI error.

7- JHMCS updates like look-up reticles.

8- Air show smoke.

9- Fixed ACM HUD mode indications.

10- L&S target heading on attack format.

I’ll have some Bulls/BRA and LGB videos coming by the weekend.

In parallel, the team is hard at work on the HARM, datalink (SA page, MIDS, Link-16), FLIR rendering tech, and A/G rendering tech.

All of this will be part of 2.5.4.




Everyone in the pattern will be forced to Case III after I’ve trapped eventually :smiley:


I wonder what the big change is that will warrant the .3->.4 increment.

Could it be…a certain naval feline?


I like your optimism lol


We’re getting the Cougar!!??


Don’t tease me. They haven’t even approached building the number of MiGs I’d slaughter in one of those.


Better…The Panther??!!

“Where do we get such men.”


New FLIR effect gets my vote.


Additional work on the f111 code


Much like the actual jets, those ones and zeros won’t bury themselves.


They were forced a burial, as the potential in them was too great.


A MiG Alley Korea map for DCS, NOW!


No, are you forgetting the WWII work??

It’s a Tigercat F7F. Best USN fighter to ever not get a serious sim treatment in 25 years.


Save for the fact that the USMC ended up being the ones to use it more because it was too big for the carriers at the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an 83" one I made with electric power and crashed twice. No shortage of power and speed, but very tricky to land!


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - A/A Waypoint and BRA Calls

This is an introduction video to explain how air-to-air waypoints and BRA data is displayed in the Hornet and how it relates to radio messages.


DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Introduction to Laser-Guided Bombs

In the 19 December 2018 Open Beta, we plan to include Paveway II laser-guided bombs: GBU-10, 12, and 16. This video is provided to help you understand basic operation.


Pickle, Lase, Boom! :grin:


Dear all,

Regarding the Maverick TDC slew for the Thrustmaster Warthog mini-stick axis, this has been a point of great frustration for the team this week. After testing the same function on other throttle mini-sticks (VKB, Virpil, CH, Saitek, the Thrustmaster TWCS), we only see this issue with the Warthog. This appears to be a hardware issue that we cannot resolve through software (a conflict between TDC press and TDC slew at the same time).

We do realize that this is a very popular throttle (I use one too!), so we plan to make an option of requiring TDC press to slew the seeker. While it will not be accurate to the real operation of the AGM-65F, it should allow Warthog user much better control.

This will require significant recoding, so it may not be ready for this week’s Open Beta. However, we are devoted to resolving this issue. In the meantime, we suggest setting a separate button for TDC press (ENTER) but still use TDC slew axis.