Ah! That makes sense in the way only the odd USMC/USN relationship can, lol


It’s sort of like when you have two identical lightbulbs but they both have different part numbers and if you replace the rear cabin lamp of a Bradley with the wrong one, you get in trouble.


Also, one is three times as expensive as the other.


In addition, nobody knows which is the right one. There’s an obscure technical manual that has the part numbers, but it’s buried in the safe and the page is partially torn with coffee stains all over it.


Oh, Supply knows. Because they consistently send you the wrong (more expensive) one that doesn’t fit anything. A month after you sent the approved requisition with a request for expedited delivery. And that was three more weeks after you needed it, because you had to find the Supply clerk first, for that brief period of time they were open for “customer service hours” that wasn’t during their specially designated departmental training, PT, awards, guaranteed lunchtime, or their smoke break hours. And after they lost two of the previous expedited requisitions, and rejected two more before that due to the NCOIC not liking how a “T” was crossed.


… And then the Supply guy is gone on sick leave because he stuck his hand on a running table saw and cut off three of his fingers. True story.

Supply guy was also the safety officer.


OK, you win.

…also, HOW???

Wait. I’ve seen the required ASVAB scores for logistics types. Never mind.


Well, he wasn’t a Marine, so it wasn’t crayons.

I don’t think anyone ever figured it out other than just general carelessness.


Litening is used by USMC only on land,
When deployed to the Carrrier , they use the ATFLIR.


No worries. Get parts here -


I see a belated present in my future…can you mount that on a Honda?


Given enough ducktape, yes you can.


But will it be integrated with my Android Auto?

“Alexa, target that SLOW van in the left lane…”
“OK, I have a target lock.”


Only on land-based mid-sized sedans.


Before I try it 2 questions regarding this mission:
1 - Is somebody trying to shoot me?
2 - Do I get to shoot somebody?


Is anyone else having a problem with the F version of the Maverick not working correctly upon a reload after using them in the first sortie of the day? Seems that after a reload, I can’t get a timer for cool down of the seeker head and I can’t get them to slew or even present a picture from the seeker head.


Yah I’ve had this, though I haven’t looked into it.


Checked it myself and the timer doesn’t seem to work after the first load. However, after 3 minutes they’ll come live again, but sometimes I had to switch between air weapons to get them to properly reset.


Sometimes an image or two are worth a thousand words…


Oh, you tease. And here we have to wait (at least) another week…