Harms, Jdam, and Jsow oh my!


Those pictures are HARMfull


Interesting, so we might get GPS weapons before a TGP?


Now you’re just trolling Heatblur and the Tomcat fans :slight_smile:


Or just trying to get Heatblur to start working on a F-14D… After they complete the A-6E!


Well, maybe some brains to sam AI with harms.

IDAS script helps but would be nice to get some stock brains (simple logic to on off etc)

Just my hope


So that’s a HARM, a small jdam, a big one and JSOW, right? And JSOW is like mjolnir right, a glide bomb with a cluster or unitary warhead, yeah?


Wikipedia has some good info on the JSOW:

Comparing to current CBU’s on the ‘Hog:
A = CBU-87
B = CBU-97
C = A sort of heavy anti-armor / bunker buster (best to read on that one).

I want the B variant the most.

Edit 2: I also read there is an A-1 variant with a unitary warhead (think Mk.80 series bomb).


B didnt get bought did it?


A good point!

IRL, those type of weapons are often pre-loaded with a given targets coordinates, right?

I’ve never tried with the A-10C, but is this currently something that can be done via the mission editor in DCS?(for the JDAMS, at least)

If so, I figure not having a TGP won’t be a huge setback during the interim dev period. If you’re lifting off with JDAM/JSOW under your bird, you probably know what and exactly where the target is (eg Bridge, runway, fixed SAM emplacement). They don’t strike me as the first choice for CAS or Interdiction missions, where you need to swing role and might have a wide range of possibly mobile threats/targets to deal with. Also, seems a lot easier for the guys on the ground to designate a target with a laser, than guess the exact coordinates to drop a JDAM on.

IRL, I’m sure the TGP would be helpful for post shack BDA, and target validation ahead of launch though.


The super turkey never got Mavs, HARM, or JDAM, did it?

EDIT: or, -weapon I’m most looking forward to- Harpoon/Slammer. :slight_smile:

(I have been shot down A LOT by ship launched AA. Time to even the score…)


Its going to go well with my new mission. Shock and Awe against Iran the first part is currently being assigned the Av8 but if we get the harms too it may well turn into a hornet only mission. I can also get rid of the mudhens on runway bombing mission if these JSOW things work out :grin:


What’s wrong with punching off a stick of mk-84 at that runway?


This photo makes the anal retentive side of me (where everything should look the same on both sides of the aircraft for armament) scream out in horror.


Oh yeah that is one ugly motherlover of a loadout.


yeah, I’m sure the AO’s (ordnancemen) were thrilled to be given that loadout assignment.


Do they give a F? Just do as ordered, right? But operating that must be a bear, as is planning that flight.


They do- specialized weapons mean specialized handling, crews, tools, fuzing, and second checks. It’d take longer than similar weapons on a single jet, and if you have more than a couple of birds from the same squadron getting loaded like that, it could create a time crunch before time to man the planes. And also another time crunch on the ship’s company side for getting the bombs out of the magazines, built, and transported topside.


Right. Ok. So everybody involved would hate the fokker who comes up with a plan necessitating such a loadout :supervillain: