Next week work begins on LTWS and TWS! This will be development in parallel with MIDS/L-16/IFF/NCTR.



Ohhh mystical unicrons from planet Zargon - TWS, now the hornet can fight with both eyes open


I think I’ve asked this before, but the huge benefit to TWS capability is to be able to fire a radar guided missile while going after another target via the radar and still having that missile able to track the original target it was fired upon? Sorry…me not so smart.


There is more to it, but basically yes.
In TWS your radar can lock a single target (like in STT) and still scan the rest of the area (like in RWS).
The scan isn’t as good as in RWS, and the narrow beam lock isn’t as good as in STT, but it is both at the same time.


Only works with and AIM-120 correct? Or can the Sparrow use TWS mode as well?


Nope, AMRAAM only in the radar guided family.


You can use TWS with a Sparrow selected, it just switches to STT when you launch and has to stay there until impact.


I just watched a Grim Reaper vid of the FPAS page. That looks really useful


I’m getting A-10’s as bandits - is that right, as in could the mission be random?


Haven’t seen that! Only MiG-21.


Yeah, it’s really odd. Weirdest bandits to expect out of Shiraz. Sort of freaked me out when we merged, as a very distinctive shape. I was certain I fratricided and dun goof’d, but no… :slight_smile:


Export laws failed us again…! Drat…!


Tried out the mission myself and the Fishbeds give me a hell of a time. Usually because my missiles are always missing so I’m dogfighting with all my Mk84s. Did get one case where my Sparrow connected along with my wingman’s, after which we proceeded though he apparently ignores your commands. I ended up tailing some F-14s to the target area and waited for the SEAD to do their job, then rolled in and bombed the target from 35,000ft.


Next week we plan to release the AGM-88C HARM with the Self Protect (SP) mode. Soon after we will follow that up with the Target of Opportunity (TOO), Pre-Briefed (PB), pullback modes.

Operation of the HARM in SP mode is quite simple:

1- Master Arm Switch to ARM

2- A/G Master Mode ON

3- Select HARM from the TAC/Stores page

4- Press the HARM Sequence/RAID/FLIR FoV switch or [i] to cycle the ground-radar emitters on the EW page / EW HUD / Azimuth Indicator (aka RWR scope)

5- Press and HOLD the weapon release button or [LEFT ALT + SPACEBAR]

6- Shout MAGNUM at the top of your lungs

Some notes:

HARM range is highly dependent on launch altitude and speed. A high and fast launch at 45k MSL at 1.3M will allow engagement out to 80 nm.

When in SP mode, no target range is provided. Have a good understanding of where the target may be before you launch that HARM.

RESET will automatically select the highest threat emitter.

Some advanced SAM systems can shoot down a HARM. It is not a magic bullet.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the SAM payback!


Shut up and take my upvotes!


With my new video card expected to arrive in the mail tomorrow (Monday), and HARM coming with the open beta update on Wednesday, next weekend is going to be a good one for me. :grin:


So first off:



Like what?


SA-10, SA-13, SA-15, SA-19, and ZSU-23-4 will try to shoot down incoming missiles in my experience.


Unlike Mavs, the HARM shouldn’t be taking a scenic cruise to the target and will hopefully present a more difficult (aka missable by AI) target.

Not sure how an IR missile can really defeat a coasting missile, though, the heat will be pretty minor by that time.

Of course, that’s what ripple fire was invented for! :slight_smile:


I have noted in the Hollo Pointe missions the SA-15 Tor’s like to shoot down incoming missiles with a vengeance. They are quite adept at defending against AGM-122 Sidearms launched at them from even tree top level. As for a ripple shot - they can play that game too. With 8 shots before re-arming, I typically allow them to send a couple my way and reduce the available count for defensive use.