I think Gauntlets have to be stationary to fire because the other day I spotted one on Back of the Hand and he was moving. I popped him with a Maverick and he never shot anything.


As far as I have read, this is correct.

The larger launchers (of other systems) would also be unbalanced if trying to fire from launch configuration, especially on a truck chassis - if you see one mobile, take it out!

Edit 1: From the Wikipedia article:
“Tor can detect targets while on the move. The vehicle must stop intermittently when firing, although trials are being conducted to eliminate this restriction.”

Not sure how fully that is modeled in DCS, but you can take it as a precautionary measure to assume it could track you when mobile, stop and shoot. Reaction time on the M2E variant is listed as 7 seconds - which I assume is from a stopped, setup configuration - time from successful track to launch.


I’ve been involved in a couple of air campaigns during my years in the Navy. I will admit that the HARM is not the brightest bulb in the drawer–has more than its fair share of ignominious misses. However, I have never heard of one being shot down by any means. It may be on the larger side as missiles go but it is not that bg and it is fast.

So how accurate is shooting down HARMs in DCS?


That’s why I was so shocked to here that. On top of the factors you mention, figure it’s being launched relatively close to the SAM (opposed to say, a cruise missile), so I’d be surprised a shot could get off that quickly.

Plus, if I’m a SAM operator, it seems risky to try and shoot down the HARM, as that means I need to keep my radar up to setup the firing solution, and hope my SAM can hit a very tiny, fast moving object, opposed to the (more) tried and true method of just going silent.


SA-15 is sniper aerial defence rocket of glorious design. It has sensors of stalinium and computers programmed with superior marxist dialectic algorithms. Of course it shoots down imperialist sky pirate missiles and bombs! Everything to protect the youth of the rodina from these murderous babykillers!


Although the Hornet has more skins than any DCS World module, we are still adding more. Later this month we’ll be adding:

VFA-97 Warhawks

VFA-192 Golden Dragons

NSWAC Blue Splinter

The first two will be for a new Hornet, Persian Gulf campaign being developed by Bunyap and I (Wags).



Every time I see @NineLine’s icon pop up in this thread I have to come galloping in to see what new stuff is getting added to the hornet. I’m sure it won’t all be there tomorrow but I’m looking forward to the next couple of updates!


LOL… what hornet skins? That new Syria map is looking NICE.


Can us Canadians get a couple more skins?
Like this one of 433 squadron I saw as a kid at the Quinte Intl. Airshow 2003? :grin:

image https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/6/8/975568-19590-85-pristine.jpg


And that pics show new Ugra-Media map Syria locations. (Ramat David Air Base - Israel, Incirlik AFB, Turkey, Beirut-Rafic Hariri Intl. Airport. - Lebanon)


Mission of the Week

This week’s mission comes on the heels of the HARM with SP mode release into the Open Beta this week. This is a standard Instant Action mission in the Caucasus map to practice using the HARM against a variety of targets.

This will later be integrated into the game.

Thanks and have fun!




Thanks Nineline




So the tiny summary would be:

  • Regular Bomb. Mechanical Fuse (MFUZ) = Nose, Electronic Fuse (EFUZ) = Instant.

  • Cluster Bomb (e.g. CBU-99, RET on DDI). MFUZ = Variable Timed (VT) with the Height (HT) toggled to desired release height in feet, EFUZ = Instant.

  • Laser Guide Bomb (e.g. GBU-16, 83LG on DDI). MFUZ = OFF, EFUZ = INST or Delay 1 (DLY1), Delay 2 (DLY2) if you wanted a delayed explosion, so it goes deeper into a hardened target before the boom.


All CBUs have a burst height of 1500, so the DDI setting must match until we add the hard-wired setting.

DLY2 will not work, only DLY1. (I’m asking why)


Do they not function if not set to this narrow setting? I’ve been using nose/primary and instant with CBUs which always works well versus any other settings.


They will just always burst at 1500.


It’s not listed as valid in the fuzing charts.