In parallel with the D/L, works progresses on the GPS-guided weapons like JDAM and JSOW. For those that enjoy menus, pressing buttons, and setting up profiles… you’ll be in Nervana!

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You know, there soon will be so many types of ordnance, that I’m going to need some sort of cheat sheet or perhaps better yet, briefing cards, to remember how to deploy them. Not saying that that is a bad thing.


Kneeboard files are a thing, I use 'em all the time with the Mirage and Viggen.


Hornet Mission of the Week

This mission takes place over the Normandy map and is designed to test your low altitude flying skills and SAM evasion tactics. Take off from the Stennis and navigate to EACH waypoint in the route. As you reach each waypoint, you’ll get a notification. The flight plan is peppered with SAMs, and hostile CAPs are overhead and will depart their CAPs and look for you if you fly higher than 1,000 feet barometric. Keep low!

You are loaded with two AGM-88C HARM if you need to remove a couple SAM threats.

As you’ll see, rolling hills with forests can make you near-immune from SAMs if you keep low and fast.

CVN 74 is on TCN 74X and ICLS channel 11

Good luck and have fun!

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Download mission here:






Wags Strike Fighters mission developed a bit more with carrier launch. I’m going to take a shot at converting it to MP.


Just making sure…I’m using the non-Beta DCS 2.5 (why? subject for another thread…or two) 2.5.4.something

So I’m still at HARM in SP mode (does a missile have to be in the air, or can you fire on FC lock?) and Maverick E & F…except I get the X out over MAV on stores page, MA on and AG selected…? No GPS GBUs yet… Nothing in SA…Correct?

…and is there anyway to turn off the Home Fuel Master Warning from happening when I’m in the middle of a dog fight or SAM evasion…its like “yes, I know if I keep it in AB I’ll run out of gas but I’m really more interested in not eating a missile at the moment.”


Let me know how that goes @chipwich. I am interested :slight_smile:


HARM in SP mode can target any radar on your RWR, you just have to cycle through and bracket the one you want to shoot. If you have an emitter locking onto you and it’s a ground radar, if your HARM is selected in SP mode it will automatically lock onto that emitter (provided you don’t have another emitter currently targeted).

X on the MAV either means the seeker hasn’t warmed up or there’s no laser code with no laser acquired. No GPS guided munitions implemented yet and probably not for another month or so.

HOME FUEL warning can be turned off by selecting a waypoint on the FPAS page that isn’t programmed in yet.


In today’s Hornet mini-date, I thought I’d start talking about some of the Data Link (D/L) and Situational Awareness (SA) page fundamentals prior to release. We hope to release into the Open Beta later this month. There is a lot to take in, so let’s get started early. Naturally, there will be introduction videos, academic videos, interactive training lessons, and a manual chapter on this. Let’s talk about some of the elements:

Much like the HSI, you have your TDC relation to bullseye (A/A Waypoint) in the top left corner. In the same manner, you have many of the same waypoint controls like display of the selected waypoint, bearing/distance/time to selected waypoint, and sequence options. If the selected waypoint is visible on the SA display, it appears as a circle with the waypoint number in the center, with north arrow.

In the bottom left corner are your chaff and flare counters. O1 and O2 will come later. Yes, we’ll have option for 120 flares.

When enabled from PB 7, yellow triangle symbols appear along the bearing to air-to-air radar emitters. These have options to be set to off, side, and ID or not.

Green contacts are identified as friendly, red as hostile, and yellow as unknown. This is done through a combination of IFF and NCTR prints.

There are three possible sources of data that can build the SA picture: ownship sensors, other fighters (F/F), and AWACS aircraft like E-2 and E-3 (SURV). These sources are then correlated or they can be toggled on and off from the SENSR sub-level page on PBs 13, 14, and 15. PPLI allows the location and data sharing of networked aircraft.

When only ownship sensors detect a target, only the top half of the HAFU (symbol) is displayed. When only from an F/F donor, only the bottom half is displayed. If both ownship and a donor detect the same contact, then both top and bottom halves of the HAFU are displayed. Contacts only detected by a SURV donor, are smaller in size circle or diamond generally.

When the TDC is assigned to the SA page (indicated as diamond in top right corner), the TDC can be slewed. When placed over a contact, its Mach and altitude in thousands of feet is displayed on either side of the TDC cursor. While hovering over a contact, additional information is displayed in the bottom right corner of the display and this can vary based on its identification. Such data can include: NCTR print, bearing and range from ownship, bearing and range from bullseye, fuel level, callsign, etc.
A small dot on the left side of a green circle indicates it is a donor to the Link-16 network and is sharing data with you. A dot in the center of the circle indicates it is a command and control (C2) asset.

B, C, or D inside a contact indicates it is one of your flight wingmen.

The number shown for red contacts indicates its threat ranking.

More functions will be coming soon, which I’ll talk about at a later point.

Please remember that this is very much work in progress and very much subject to change.



With the expansion of the D/L environment, is there a possibility that the A-10C will at some point be able to receive some of that info via gateways?


I think my head just exploded. Going to have to read this about 5 more times to get a whiff of understanding :slight_smile:


I am so gonna make a mission where all the contacts make a smiley face or doggie or something, and if you manage to get the image to form, you get extra points.


@Anklebiter must be a Navy pilot…


That aint no doggie :frowning_woman:


Yeah, it’s clearly a poorly drawn Stetson.


Weiner dog?


TDC Slew option coming

We now, internally, have a new TDC slew option for the Maverick that does not require the TDC to be depressed while slewing. Once you cease slewing the seeker, the seeker will attempt to lock whatever is the center of the crosshairs. If it can nothing to lock, it will go into break lock mode. In other words, pretty much how it works with the Maverck in the A-10C.

It should be available in the next Open Beta.

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Could be any Navy guy…and it is actual size. :sunglasses:

What?! Somebody was bound to say it!