Anything in the works (or available) for multiplayer text chat options? I have a heck of a time reading the blue text, it is soo small.


Anyone heard if TACAN is fixed?


I didn’t know it was broken. It was working for me a few weeks ago (like 2?).


See here:

Two mods, one for frame rate counter (link on page 1) and one for the rest (link on page 2 by HiJack).



Hornet Mission of the Week
Magnum Force

The Black Sea
24 June 1992, Morning

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to a renewed conflict in the Caucasus region. The initial attempts by Russian forces to seize Georgian territory were driven back, but that has only strengthened Moscow’s resolve. The Russians continue to build a sizable ground force near Maykop. A fully equipped Motor Rifle Brigade has been identified with additional forces continuing to flow in.

The deployment of additional Russian ground forces to the theater prompted a response by NATO. Cruise missile attacks on Russian airbases and infrastructure bought NATO enough time to deploy air and ground forces to the region. Squadrons of F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C, A-10A, and Tornado fighter and attack aircraft are now operating from Georgia and the Black Sea. These are augmented by a small number of Georgian assets, mostly L-39 light attack aircraft.

Small detachments of Russian Su-27 and MiG-29 front-line fighters remain active from Krymsk and Krasnodar under the protection of SA-10 SAM systems, but the threat of an air attack on Georgian targets is minimal.

Your mission:

We will provide SEAD support for a small interdiction package aimed at disrupting enemy road activity and damaging the Maykop railyard. Most enemy supplies, equipment and other materiel enters the area through this single location. Disrupting the flow of enemy supplies will interfere with the enemy troop buildup south of Maykop.

Two flights of two L-39s armed with bombs, callsign Pontiac 1 and Pontiac 5, will depart from Gudauta AB and proceed north to the Maykop railyard target. Additional flights of A-10s, callsign Tusk 1 and Tusk 5, will patrol south of Maykop and destroy enemy ground forces operating in the open. They will be supported by a SEAD flight of four F/A-18C Hornets, callsign Springfield 1 (player), who will orbit southeast of the targets and engage any radar equipped air defense units that become active. A CAP flight of F-15Cs will also be on station to deal with any airborne threats.

The primary target is a railyard consisting of fuel processing facilities to the northeast and warehouses to the southwest. The Pontiac 1 and 2 L-39 flights will ingress separately and attack the target from different headings. Pontiac 1 will bomb the fuel related facilities to the northeast while Pontiac 2 bombs the warehouses.

See the mission planner for a look at the package ingress and egress routes and for detailed navigation planning.

Your F/A-18C SEAD flight, Springfield 1, will be on station to suppress any radar guided air defense threats in the area. An SA-6 SAM site has been identified at Maykop AB and may become active at any time. This site is known to operate very conservatively and to cease transmitting for a short time if an anti-radiation missile launch is suspected. Adjust your tactics to ensure this threat is suppressed while the Pontiac L-39 flights are in the area.

Additional mobile threats may be present in support of ground forces. Radar guided systems may include SA-8 SAMs or ZSU-23-4 AAA. Monitor the radio for the status of radar threats in the area and engage any threats to allied aircraft if able.

Pontiac and Tusk flights will announce when they have left the target area. Springfield 1 may leave the area and return to base after all flights have safely egressed.

An AWACS controller, callsign Focus, will provide early warning of approaching aircraft. Requests for the current situation can be made at any time in your radio AWACS menu by choosing PICTURE or BOGEY DOPE.

Carrier Admin:
ICLS: 11

Success criteria:

  • Reach the target area, protect the other flights and return safely to the carrier.

Design notes:

  • Enable ‘allied flight reports’ in your gameplay options. Calls are filtered so only relevant information comes through.

  • Open the mission planner for detailed navigation planning. The enemies present on the map represent current intel and is information you are intended to have.

  • Different enemy air defense plans are built into the mission. It will play out differently each time.


These missions are such a great idea. Way to seed the community with even more interest…very, very smart tactic!




F111 confirmed


I have really enjoyed all the previous missions. Thanks for this one too :grinning:


So when I read the above, is it fair to say this will not work with the current release of DCS 2.5 non-Beta?

So “no soup” for me. Kind of hard to conduct SEAD when you are limited to HARM SP. I’m not feeling the excitement. In fact I’m feeling fairly penalized by my choice to download the “regular” DCS World.

Why did I do that? I’ll tell you.

When one gets a “Beta” version it implies that one should conduct Beta testing on it. I have been a real Beta tester before. In fact I am the Senior Beta Tester for FSWidgets. I dedicate time to work with a product, doing all the things I can think I would want the the finished product to do. Doing so I find bugs and write up a short report on each–enough so that the company can recreate the bug and fix it. I work. It is what Beta testers are supposed to do.

I wanted to enjoy DCS World. I didn’t want to work. However it seems that I wouldn’t really have had to work. In fact it seems that I could have enjoyed extra content had I just clicked on the Beta button. My mistake.


The stable and open beta branches are the same since yesterday’s update, so we’re all still on HARM SP mode.

This is why the saying is that “release” just gets the open beta bugs 2 weeks later and you may as well stick with the open beta. For example, you’ve got the Viggen kneeboard bug now.

Hey, look at the bright side: you’re not in the DOD being told to work with buggy, inadequate software and hardware because we already paid the contractor for it and they won’t fix it but we have to use it anyways because the head honcho said so. Yeah.


Its not to late to switch to beta version. There really isn’t much point to staying on the “Stable/Release/SameVersion+2weeks” version.


LOL! I beg to differ.


The two versions are literally the same code right now.


My bad. I saw this…

…and thought it had already been added.


Then why are there two versions? :open_mouth:

Seriously, I get what ED is doing…how it works. They release a Beta version that might have some bugs int it. If it does they fix it; if it doesn’t, so much the better. I can wait a couple of weeks for an assured stable version…well…as assured stable as any advanced software application can be.

That said, since they are both the same, I should be able to fly the aforementioned mission. I’ll try. And if it works, will withdraw my original post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent question, and the answer you’re looking for lies right here:


Because next week (likely) there will be new items added to the Open Beta (for us to test) which will (likely) get into the Stable build the week after. Tick-tock releases. Sometimes it’s Tick-tick-tock but the pattern is there.

Really you are just placing yourself 2 weeks (so to speak) behind the Open Beta and in all honesty, in the last year I there were not a lot of instances where the Open Beta was broken enough to go back to the Stable release for me. There were some … oh yes … but the majority were ok. Plsu, With @SkateZilla’s excellent tool, it is relatively easy to bounce back to the Stable release (given that I have high speed internet, I guess).

It is a fine choice to stay in the Stable release and avoid the broken features. It’s more reliable for sure.

Only this week. Next week they will diverge again.

Meh. It’s not hurting anyone :slight_smile:


Open Beta is to stop any crashing or blocking bugs from getting into the Stable/Release version. Next week, Open Beta will be different again.


What @NineLine says…
People really should understand the nature of evolving software like DCS, by now.

Update is tested internally.
Released to those who want to try it.
If it didn’t introduce game crashing bugs it’s moved to stable.

Rinse, lather, repeat.