Actually…the Viggen has a menu in the ME to set up parameters for ASCM weapons…set by the ground crew…


I don’t have the Viggen, but good to know it has been implemented somewhere. Maybe the others will change over to that system eventually, would add an element to mission planning and startup!


Agree 100% :slightly_smiling_face: IRW you can be constrained by your mission planning. Much better now that the jets have advanced weapons control systems.

In the old days, the A-6E BNs would take a soft lead pencil and tracing paper, and make shaded drawings/tracings of the terrain features they expected to see on their radar of the target area, based on a particular run-in heading, then cut them out in a circle that would fit their radar screen. During the mission, they would fit the cut-outs on top of the radar display. During the attack, they would monitor the radar–calling corrections to the pilot–until the radar depiction matched up with the pencil sketch. Pretty old school to be sure, but it worked.

However, not very flexible.



I mean its called a drop tank… but I don’t think this is what they had in mind…


I wonder if that was a travel pod or a drop tank?


Right, if for some reason they had to approach from a different direction and there was a difference in the elevation it would throw that out the window.

For that matter, IRW there will be mission aborts due to weather, lack of support, equipment failures, etc, and for the most part flight sims don’t go that far. Probably due to the idea that if you spend an hour taking off and flying towards the target, the idea of turning around and flying home because your radar died isn’t really an appealing use of 2 hours. So sim missions tend to be idealized events where a lot of things are guaranteed to go right while others (like enemy ADA/air cover) are guaranteed to go wrong.



Hey everyone,

After our meetings today, I can update you on our current near-term planning for the upcoming Hornet features. For the 27 February update we plan (not promise):

  • JDAM basic operation minus dynamic launch zone
  • HARM TOO and PB modes
  • Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) and Track While Scan (TWS) air-to-air radar modes

Following those, priority items will be:

  • Data Link / Link-16 / MIDS. This has been a huge undertaking and will take a bit more time to get right, particularly for multiplayer data-sharing and creating a unified picture between clients. We want to get this right.
  • New IFF system tied to D/L
  • NCTR tied to D/L
  • JDAM dynamic launch zone.
  • Data Card. This won’t just be a data card but allow you to customize many aspects of your aircraft set up.
  • Lightening II Targeting Pod
  • JSOW

Again, I need to emphasize that this is planning and not a promise. Things can certainly change. We try to be open and provide you insight into our planning, but with the understanding that this is not set in stone.

  • Wags


This is the first I hear of this, but hurray!


Wags said “RTX 2080ti” my biotches.



I’m ready ;).


All kidding aside, I tried Wags’ video settings in the Hornet and am very pleased. FPS is a high of upper 120s and low of 60 fps around large cities, with an excellent image quality. I also tried some of his controller config and liked those too, especially the axis tuning for the TDC.


I have similar results with the graphics settings. Cranking up the view and preload distance seems to have made everything super smooth (I’m guessing 32Gb of RAM makes all the difference there). I see a noticeable improvement in VR.


Uhm, where are these settings?


A few posts above, in the video that @NineLine links. Here are the graphic settings:


The first thing Wags discusses in the video is the video settings he uses on his high end systems.


Thanks a bunch, mate!

Thanks you too @PaulRix, I wasn’t able to browse the video… :slight_smile:


No worries. I hadn’t even contemplated cranking those sliders up to the far right. Who’d have thought it would actually give better performance? Plus, I learned that the trees and clutter slider is connected to the view distance slider. Now, my trees go out much, much farther than before, with zero stuttering. :sunglasses: