Heck I would fly an Italian plane if it were available… G 91 anyone?


This would be amazing in DCS…


I’d take both the Tornado and the G91.


What about an AMX?


That would be fun.


In avacado perhaps?


AMX is tricky to refuel though:
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Maybe we could get a BMX for combined ops then.


Soooooooo 70’s.


I love the Tornado. I pretend I’m in a Tornado when I’m flying the Viggen. (I’m not sure why, but re-reading that previous sentence makes me sound like I’m five years old or something).

Having said that, I wonder if the big T’s steam gauges and backseat AI that is not IBM Watson-like powerful would get old pretty quick? The F-14 will be really interesting to see how smart Jester is in the back.


And what about this??:

I think it would perfectly fit in DCS :grin:


Gonna need to be more specific…

(and this leaves of the G, the N, and the S…)


I think I will be even “less” specific…any of them! :wink:

But from C to E would be perfect…



le ten years later…

The paradox of the Phantom: Go for outright capability or dogmatic adherence to the cult of Vietnam? If the former, give me an E, a J (or S), and a G. If the latter I guess we go B and D.




I want one of those Iron Eagle 2 MiG-29 variants.




My personal favorite is the E, but concede that the S would be more fun due to carrier ops.


Currently watching… F-18 intro video. Comments to follow.