Good grief…that’s about the prettiest flight sim video I’ve ever watched. No flashing cuts…music…just nice camera angles of a gorgeous model and sim. Wow.


Damn that plane looks nice. I also heard JSOW mentioned. :mudspike:


Lovely video…

I guess the freeze frame teaser of the next module will be included on the next video at time stamp 1:11


Yep, JSOW, WCMD, Walleye, HARM. All the good stuff is coming :slight_smile: Also great to hear wags finally mentioned the AIM-9X.


I don’t really do much combat flight sim anymore, and when I do, it’s on easy mode, but dang. That looks good. I might get it to just fly around in easy mode.


Agreed, it’s certainly pretty. I think this will be an enjoyable series to follow and way more efficient and polished than ED’s foray into Twitch streams.

Also a lot of good info on the systems. I’m definitely excited to hear they’re planning on modeling all the weapons you would expect it to carry. He specifically mentions JDAM and JSOW but that also implies LMAV, Harpoon, SLAM-ER, LJDAM, and HARM.

I would like to see the combat systems in action, but presumably they’re not ready for public consumption and will be shown in a later video.

Another thing I’m curious, about which I haven’t seen anything mentioned yet, is L16/MIDS. I am assuming it will be modeled, but I haven’t seen anything about it yet.


I’ll be in the shower.


HARM and L4/L16 have been confirmed by a developer (Oleg) on the forums.


Here’s the post I am referring to:



Missed that, thanks!


Wow! I can’t wait to fly this! Looking stellar!

@SiThSpAwN: Can you pass on to Matt that that was an amazing video! Well done production and excellent information dump :slight_smile:


@Fridge, Done, he out did himself on this vid, must be that honking huge ass monitor he bought :smiley:


Can @SiThSpAwN or @wagmatt provide a source for that? My understanding is the capability was probably there, but the USN/USMC never purchased or carried CEM/SFW/WCMD.

Otherwise stellar video, looking forward to putting the bug through its paces.


I’ll ask.


Thanks! :thumbsup:


WCMD was an error but can carry SFWs like:

3- CBU-78 Gator (mine dispenser)
*1- MK 20 Rockeye II
2- CBU-99 Rockeye II
2- CBU-100 Rockeye II
*1- CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon


Hey @SiThSpAwN, sorry to interject. Where could I get the font used in the DCS module titles?
You can answer me in PM, if you want.



Question is probably best sent to Glowing Amraam:

I think that is all him.


He does the cover for modules?



I appreciate the check. Only reason that stuck with me I’d been told the Navy never bought the fun toys like the A-10 has, it was like hearing there was a death in the family. :smile:

Guess we’ll just have to be satisfied pretending we’re tiny B-1s and chucking 8 Rockeyes at our targets.