Ever optimistic! :slight_smile:
(I’ll say February until proven otherwise)


The Harrier: September 27th
The Hornet: December 13th/20th
The Tomcat: March the 14th.

Those are my wild guesses :stuck_out_tongue:


The Harrier: Tomorrow
The Hornet: Tomorrow +1
The Tomcat: Tomorrow +2
The Intruder: FRIGGIN NOW!

My wishes…


NOOOOO my wallet couldn’t take it :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, i’d have considered the Tomcat further along compared to the Hornet.


No one knows. Such is our lot in life :slight_smile:


F-111 November 1st… ???


in november 1st 2032 :grin:

but we must be due for another F18 intro vid … the last one was a while ago


Thanks Bogus for giving me the first reason to chuckle today. It’s been a challenge taking care of our customers whom all of a sudden all wanted to work from home.


Doesnt really matter in DCS, considering 95% of the users wont fly one. They’ll be zooming around servers, full blower, as always.


Florida done gone out and got a trump toupee’


No politics. It looks more like pubic hair (as in, in the map above).


I’ll take Statements You Never Want to Hear Out of Context for 1000, Alec.



Love that sketch…


Me too, there’s actually a dozen or so from SNL if you youtube search…


Good old Turd Ferguson.

As for Irma, she was a real bunt.

I’m sorry, I can’t say the letter b. It all happened when I suffered a trauma as a small sboolboy. I was attacked by a bat.


Le, lady, le


From DCS Facebook Page with this message… "READY FOR EARLY MORNING DEPARTURE"


Must prepare brain cells

Have we heard anything from thrustmaster re the 18 stick. Surely they would be releasing same time, if not a little sooner to maximise sales potential?