It was fun speculation on a map being made bigger. Don’t read too much into it.



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Who is complaining? Just stating a pretty obvious point, it is anticlimactic compared to him saying “You’re correct the map is expanding!”…

Also, confirming something that was already stated to be a fact isn’t an “update.”


To All: remaining posts in this topic will be explicitly about the DCS F/A-18C only or swear to sweet jebus I’ll nuke the entire thing. I thank you. :slight_smile:


Do I recall correctly reading once that the Charlie Hornet doesn’t have a traditional ILS installed?


Correct. ICLS is only good for the boat and isn’t usable for traditional ILS.

Not sure what the export or expeditionary Marine squadrons would have, it’s possible they have ILS. I know the exped growlers get it.

The workaround is if you know there’s an established ILS corridor and approach, designate the end of the runway and fly a three degree glidepath using the designation on the hud.


That’s going to take an adjustment…


It’s definitely a different scan, and obviously not as exact as an actual precision approach, but it’s a good tool to have in case of extremis.

If I get some time next week, I’ll try and write up the basics on how to do it.


Strike eagle has an actual approach mode that does the same thing, called Automatic Landing Guidance or ALG. You take a radar patch map of the runway. designate on the End of the runway, drag out a Pattern Steering line along the azimuth of the runway (PSL is for dropping a string of bombs and spacing out the DPI’s) and then go to the HSI and there is an option for ALG, gives ILS bar steering cues all the way down a 3 degree glideslope. Not used much but a pretty good tool to have.


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For this old hardcore simmer, the DCS F18c will be life altering.



Sigh…my dreams of being a beta tester don’t look good. …


You’re saying the DCS: Hornet won’t be released as early access…? :wink:


AFAIK it will be.


Step One. Relearn the A-10C
Step Two Benefit from the brain expansion resulting from step One.
Step Three Take vacay to learn Hornet manual.
Step Four Still suck at the F-18 because it is flipping Hard

And still I cant wait for this…


Then you will get to be a beta tester! :wink:


We will see…if so I’m guessing late Fall this year.