None of that is terribly complicated. A lot we have seen before in the A-10C. Quite a bit is, for most, arguably irrelevant ‘deep systems’ stuff. I am glad ED is doing it, because it speaks to the complexity and depth that you will be able to get from the module but to get up and fly does not requiring knowing all the nuts-and-bolts as @near_blind is describing them.

I wouldn’t panic.


Nah, you all should panic. There isn’t any real reason to, I just get a kick out of it.

If you pay attention, that stores page is functionally a combination of three pages that exist on the A-10C: DSMS, Profile and Inventory. For Mk-8x, LGBs and Rockets, that is as complex as it gets.

Most of this should have been previously set up on the ground. Practically all you need to do is call up A/G mode (the A/G button on the left eye-lid). Bring up the STORES page, hit PROG until you see the program you want. Find the target and then hold down the pickle button.

I can’t repeat this enough: if you can handle an A-10C, you shouldn’t have any problems with this jet. The F/A-18C has a much more streamlined and ergonomic interface.


Basically this.

You can go from cold and dark to shacking a target with dumb bombs and slinging AMRAAMs in a couple hours of practice, which is usually quite fun in itself.

If even that sounds overwhelming, then hop onto teamspeak and odds are someone will be able to give you a hand!


TACAN in action


aka the “I swore the carrier was here when I left, where’d it go?” Instrument.


What?! Panic? Me?! HAHAHAHHAahhahaha.ah…ahah…ah.

passes out


Hey, 1980 called, they’d like to have their cockpit back.


Found it!


They’ve been using that stick a lot…


Don’t laugh, that is what the cockpit I went through initial tech school training on looked like! When I told guys I worked block 30s at Kunsan they said “there was a Block 30?” That is when I knew it was time to retire.


Don’t forget the Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd version …



Turn on the sound!!



Flyby views are great. I still think TAW had one of the best flyby view sounds…


From DCS FB Page
_"Although you’ll be starting the Hornet using battery power almost all the time, the ground power electrical bus panel will also functional. However, you’d only really use this during systems tests when you do not want to start up the jet. After requesting external electrical power from the ground crew, you will enable the main external electrical power switch. With external electrical power enabled, you can use the four ground power switches that each controls a separate group of systems/instruments. The control bus for each switch is listed on placard below the DISP button.

I’m discussing this now because I probably won’t touch on this during the Hornet Start Up video.

Work continues on the caution and advisory system."



"Anyone spot the small but OCD-inducing fix?
Answer: It was correct alignment for the DZUS fasteners."


New Hornet Wallpaper available from GA


If that were a Leatherneck wallpaper…I’d ask people to enhance it because there is probably a clue to their next product lurking in the dark…