Dcs feeling of speed

I’m a ww2 junkie!
I have all ww2 modules but nothing else.

Love DCS, but one thing that i find disappointing is the feeling of speed.

By comparison IL2 battle of stalingrad is the king of effects! The noise of the air hitting the canipy increasing as you dive! The metal of the airframe cranking while you pull gs.

In DCS warbirds i miss that!
I can reach the terminal velocity of the p51 without even noticing it!
Or i can pull too g above 400mph in the spit and break the wings suddently! (Now probably i have 4x times more hours in the spitfire than Jhonnie Jhonson, and i keep breaking that thing! IMHO if the real thing broke that way, now we would recall the spitfire like a minor Ww2 plane called widow maker)

Anyway my question is…
Is the lack of these effects a DCS problem or a module problem?
Reading @Chuck_Owl excellent preview of the tomcat (which by the way reminds me that back in the day used to not only warbirds, but also DID Tornado, Total Air War, US Navy fighters and makes me move my hand toward the wallet…)
I was impressed by his comments about the wings shaking…
So is it a model probelm or dcs limits?
Is there hope someone fix it?
For ww2 planes without electonics aids limited to gunfights those effects are sorely missed…

Now I don’t fly the ww2 stuff in dcs but I think if you look back over your shoulder while doing a full afterburner takeoff in the f15 the feeling is very much there. Low level tree top height in the Harrier as well. It’s one of the most Intense feelings I’ve ever had while swimming. Maybe it depends what you are flying but I really notice it flying the jets.

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In real life you have a lot more feedback, when flying. Controls get heavier in high speed and you instantly feel how many g’s you are subjecting the airframe to.
This kind of feedback is hard to simulate, naturally.
Same thing goes for slow speed flying.
The way an aircraft ”talks” to the pilot, is often a missing ingredient in flightsims.

I know the Heatblur guys are very aware of this, and they try to incorporate as many sounds as possible, in their modules. Anything that will add to your sense if what’s going on, to utilize your hearing, when other senses are deprived of their function.

I agree that the newer IL-2 series do this well. I believe they also try to simulate controlforces by reducing their deflection in high speeds to simulate the stick becoming heavier…


I think it mostly is the vibrations (or lack thereof)
If you look at real life footage you notice that even the modern jets shake a lot in certain situations. Especially in low level flight.

I haven’t played IL2 since 1946 (the game name, not the real year :smiley: ) so I don’t know how they do it without shaking the picture. Probably just with sound, like the Heatblur F-14 does it.

With a FFB stick you can feel it a bit, control stiffness and vibrations are modelled, at least a bit. Unfortunately FFB is rare in joysticks these days.

It is always a tradeoff though. Take wind noise as example: as long as the engine is running you probably cannot hear wind noises in real WW2 aircraft. So should they be modeled? You could say it is more realistic to not hear them unless your engine is off. Those engines are mind numbingly loud.
I think that might be where DCS focuses more on realism but sacrifices immersion.
The old “realistic vs. believable” question.

Bro, you really should. It’s great. Jump on in, the water is warm and the clouds are really gorgeous. Also Fokker Dr.1. What else could one want?


Are cockpits clickable now?

Yes, in IL2 Clifs of Dover :slight_smile:

In a little Dreidecker, one does not need a clickable pit, one needs rudder pedals :smiley:


Fair enough. I just don’t like to remember key binds, that’s what I like about clickable cockpits.

Yes visually it’s super good! But you have reference just low level…
When you’re up high it fades away…

Yep i moved from sidewinder to wharthog! Due to the Stiffness i instantly feel when not flying trimmed, but at the same time you lose the different stiffness simulated by FF. I’ve read somewhere the ForceFeedback copyright is due to an end soon, so may be we’ll have new FF joysticks in future… (or was my imagination???)

Good point! Food for developers brains!

Not sure of that. Expecially WWII pits were (usually) not pressurized. So i think that some air flow with the resulting whistle could be heard.
Yesterday i was listenint to the alert5 poscast

and Jell-O describes is first supersonic flight (minute 23’40’')
i think it was that description that gave me the idea for this post!
"indicator went 0,9 1,0 1,1 that’s it? it’s jut a number? no celebration? no boom? … it was anticlimactic, ther’s a little more wind over the canopy but ther’s no other indication you’re going supersonic… "