DCS Future A/C Question

So as I was browsing through my DCS profile I noticed I have $59 in bonus money. My question is besides the L-39 is there any A/C planned to be released before next February?( which is when my bonus money expires)

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Ya just never know :wink:


I know nothing (as proven by my body of work here) but I’d bet a $5 of your money that a Tiger / DCS F-5 might be in those timescales.

It makes all sorts of sense, in regards to the Aggressor role at NTTR they play.

When I go to bed at night - I wish for a fully clickable Su-25T (and Su-25UTG) (and Su-33). But I don’t know the answer to your question.


I think you can cover only 30% of the plane price with bonus money. So for L-39 (50$) you’ll have to pay 35$ and 15$ will be taken away from your bonus (still leaving 45$).

“A product can be paid by use of bonuses no more than 30% (thirty
percent) of the full product price. We retain the right to change this
percentage at any time and at our discretion.”

Hmmm. So I’ll need 2 or 3 new planes lol

When I go to bed at Night, this is what I dream of in DCS.


Recent comments by Leatherneck have me wondering…and wishing for a Harrier. This statement is interesting…

New and unique PFM features and aerodynamic configurations. New or unique methods of propulsion or force distribution.


Harrier would be very interesting.

As for the picture above, I can’t quite make it out, but is the aircraft at the top of the picture an f111

@Bogusheadbox - Hmm…yeah, didn’t think of the F-111. I’d imagine anything with a variable wing geometry would also fit the bill for “unique aerodynamic configurations”… F-111 or Tornado would be nice…

Sure would, I certainly would go for mig 23. But the f111 I would guess is not popular enough to be the next plane.

There was a rumor going around a few months ago that somebody was working on a Flogger- I think it might have been Leatherneck who had made a remark about it being the next project…

@Navynuke99 @Bogusheadbox - It would certainly make sense with regards to not having to reinvent the wheel (which they are doing plenty of with the Tomcat). Probably a lot of common avionics, weapons, and other crossover to the MiG-21…but then there are probably a ton more that they have to make from scratch. Good possibility though…

(Still hoping for a Harrier - but maybe CAP2 will cover that fix…)


With an image search, here’s the caption:

“An air-to-air left side view of various U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons School aircraft flying in formation. The aircraft include, from top to bottom: an F-111A, A-10A Thunderbolt II, F-15 Eagle, F-4 Phantom II, F-16A Fighting Falcon, and F-5 Tiger aircraft.”

The F-111A looks kinda small, but I guess it’s further away :smile:

Wow, so it is an f111 … woot. Its definitely not a small plane, but I really don’t know how it compares to the others.

I remember (back in the day) the RAAF used to display them with their party trick of streaming a massive fireball behind them.

Here is a shot of a F4 F-111 and F-15.

And here is a shot of an F-5 and an F-15.

And a shot of a F-15 and F-16

The A-10 is probably around the F-15 for size. A little smaller but just a little.

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And of course the massive fuel ball. Just a crazy fuel dump is all!

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Awwww great picks really puts things into perspective and takes me back to the wonder years.

Though to be honest, I was surprised that the mirage was as small as it is against all the others

For some reason I thought the F-111 would be bigger when compared to the F-4 and F-15… Then again, I remember seeing a photo (couldn’t seem to locate it just now) of an aircraft maintainer standing on the top of an F-15 (I think it was) and marveled at how he was dwarfed by the twin tails. Those fighters are beasts… And the Su-27 is really huge…

Pro tip: Don’t google “Twin Tails” when doing a Google photo-search when your wife is in the same room…



I worked the F-15 for 8 years. It really is a big jet. And the B2 is the smallest of the three bombers in the USAF inventory.

However there always comes a time when the jet you work on gets parked next to a C-5. You never really appreciate the size of planes until a C-5 parks next to it.

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