DCS Harrier First Flights

Oh, hang on - the Harrier only has simple comms enabled in EA. I need to be using the good ol ‘backslash’ key I guess?

Harrier Launch Day… Great video here:


Bourbon, eggnog, and the pocket guide. I’ll see y’all on TeamSpeak soon.
What’s the worst that can happen?

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anyone found what tweaks the FPS yet? I run open beta on vsync @ 60 fps in 1080p. In the pit, it drops to 30, but a short while after takeoff (altitude maybe?), it runs back up to normal 60 fps. It will dip back down off and on. Just wondering if anyone has messed with it yet. Definitely something in cockpit view, because it runs beautifully in F2 external.

It’s a known issue - my best guess is something like the FLIR or DMT is sucking framerates, even when not being used.

As for the radios, it seems the KC-130 and the Tarawa aren’t hooked up yet (plus Batumi doesn’t work for some reason). The other airfields and FARPs seem ok though.

It will engage when needed (depending on RPM) so it’s a generally a good idea to engage it. You sholdn’t do it when ambient temp is less than 5°C.

Have you switched the INS knob to NAV? It’s hidden behind the stick. Without INS working there are no attitude information available.

Anyone got the FLIR to show on the hud? Like the preview videos?

Yeah. HUD mode to night (just below the ICP, to the right of the knob you use to turn on the HUD) and then sensor select down on your hotas.

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I’m just getting home. Has anyone built a mission launching from the boat that they would care to share? Thanks.

I’M SO JEALOUS! . I’m stuck here doing recurrent training in Dallas this week, with no Harrier and awful graphics :wink: .

You’re in luck because I live in dallas!

That’s very kind of you @Gunnyhighway. Regretfully I have my last training session tomorrow in the sim, then a checkride on Friday. After that I head home to Austin on Friday afternoon.

There are a few of us here who live in Texas. Someday we should organize a meetup for some Barbecue and beers.

Had a good multiplayer session with @near_blind, @Tankerwade, @Fridge, @DeadMeat, @Navynuke99 (plus some others dropping in).

A good way to learn, as just even overhearing what other issues people are having helps a lot. I’m starting to love the wee Harrier, despite the 1.5 performance hiccups - it’s sort of a faster A-10C with a really neat trick.



And this is a pretty view

But it’s a cast iron mother getting there.


Some awesome pictures there!
I’ll probably wait until there are more systems implemented but it sure is nice watching y’all make your first steps with the Harrier. :slight_smile:

It actually flies somewhat like the AV8B in BMS. I haven’t tried Cold and Dark yet. Too many abreviations that I don’t understand.

This guy sums up my first day quite well!!!


Sure is pretty, my software budget is blown for a while after Xplane and I could almost get extra RAM for my Christmas coffeelake build for the price of the Harrier. I will fly it vicariously through you guys until the sales keep those screenies coming and rest safe in the knowledge I will be around this weekend to mop up your spills in my old utility helicopter :heart_eyes:

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@near_blind: Just saw your refueling pics. You’re a better man than I am.