DCS I-16

DCS: I-16

I-16 - Soviet single-engine monoplane fighter of 1930s created by aircraft designer Nikolai Polikarpov’s design bureau. It was the one of the world’s first fighters with landing gear retraction system. It was I-16 which stood the air fighting against famous Messerschmitt Bf 109.

Over a period of its history I-16 was upgraded a lot. New modifications of aircraft were created and adopted almost every year. I-16 type 24 was further development of I-16 type 18.


DCS I-16.mp4 (video)


Very nice, I may have to finally start flying DCS again. I bet that open cockpit is loud :smiley:


Oh my. I just gotten my behind whooped by a couple AI rata’s. These things are not to be trifled with!


Which came first??? I-16 or GeeBee??? :slight_smile:


Huh, where did this guy come from? First I hear of it even being in development!

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I like to think there’s an email going around ED today saying ‘So, uh, F for Foxtrox, not I for India guys…’ (I’m kidding, I’m kidding…) :wink:

OctopusG seem to have done a few Russian P3Dv4 aircraft, so perhaps a nice port to DCS?


I seem to remember something mentioned about an I-16 last time I was on the ED forums, which was admittedly long ago. Don’t recall if it was just a “mod” thing at that point or what. Either way, hype is nice and all that, but probably not as nice as being able to build something like that with near radio silence. No one can complain about delays if they don’t even know it’s there to be delayed in the first place.

Also, probably not the same folks, but there was something about a Stuka, so maybe a wild Ju-87 will also appear from someone one day

I-16 vs ??? Really dont understand this release. I like the Rata but with no opponent… Maybe they will surprise us with a Bf-109E7 or a A5M

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You know, I would probably buy a DCS Gee Bee.


Well this comes pretty close. It has some vicious handling characteristics. And guns. Guns make everything better :us:


Does it have the cannon or is this the 4 mg variant?

I have followed that I-16 project for some years now, I thought it was common knowledge that it is in development and by whom.
There has been a development update thread on the english ED forums (by a user named Plexus) since 2014.
I mostly followed the Russian thread though, it had more updates.

They have been slow (DCSW has quite a learning curve) but I think the first time Wags mentioned the I-16 was in 2016 or 2017.

Glad to see they made it. Their FSX addons have a good reputation IIRC.

The I-16 is not a port though, their FSX planes were IIRC the L-13 Blanik glider, the An-2 and the PZL-104 Wilga


It should have
2x7.62mm and 2x20mm

I like flying the Il2 version with added cannon strapped to the wings. It makes nice big holes. I was aware of this mod but never realised it was to become payware. I will add it to the wish list :blush:

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I think the I-16 can be pretty effective in DCSW.
Many people fly very low, something the P-51 and BF-109K are actually not that good in.
If they risk a turning fight with the I-16 it is game over for them.


Uhmmmm… everything you said above is very True

@NineLine mentioned on the Facebook post comments that the I-16 is the first of the early war aircraft, just like how the Mustang introduced the WWII segment with no opponent at first.

So maybe we’ll see a Hurricane and some early model 109’s show up eventually.


I’d like that!
Also a Stuka and a handful of other planes, and the era is ready to be enjoyed. :slight_smile:

The Ju-87 d-5 and/or g-2 was polychop, i don’t know what exactly has become of them, besides the name change so not sure that is one we’ll see shortly. Work was starting on that back in 2015 so who knows