DCS I-16

I wish there was a “free weekend” where you can play any module to test them out.

But then again I’m glad there isn’t as it would surely push me to buy a lot of other stuff…


I want to say they tried a “free weekend” with the Hornet and PG map a couple months ago.

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I tried and failed to instal this, Its in correct folder but it won’t show up in games. I also tried it in the User/saved games/mods/aircraft. Pfft

It’s a neat little bird…You do get $8.00 back in bonus money to use on future modules from the 39.99 purchase price

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If anyone is sitting on the fence over buying this. Jump off and get it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The experience in vr is superb, I enjoyed the Il2 version with just the windscreen leaning out in vr was great but the dcs engine and the clickable cockpit elevates it to greatness IMHO
It also makes light work of the pesky hun ai and ground pounding is equally rewarding. Just wish it was a brewster buffalo


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Sorry, I don’t know what might be causing the problem. 102


Loving loving loving this bird!

Flying it is so rewarding!!!

Still struggling rising the gears! It’s always an emotion! And cooking the engine sometimes…
Time to study it a little! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a nice trailer.
Really makes me want to fly the plane. :slight_smile:


Its an enjoyable ride, no trim makes it hard on the wrist during long flights but it can turn on a sixpence and easily outmanoeuvres the German planes in the game :slight_smile:


funny I 16 story. In the general screw around mission i made, I put an AI red I-16 that flys around for me to fight in the P51. Yesterday I decided to take the hornet up and try the refueling with the new wake turbulence. Sitting on the deck starting up I noticed the escort ship launching SAMs. Damn I must have placed the group too close to where the I-16/P51 battle is supposed to take place. Oh well. I launch from the carrier, link up with the tanker at around 10k feet doing about 250 knots. I hooked up with the basket with easily, although i felt like it had some more yaw movement than usual. I guess after tanking with the F-14 it seemed easier still. Tanks are getting close to be full and then i notice tracers fly by. What the hell is that? Then I get hit by cannon, lose control surfaces and start a fireball spiral down to the earth.

The damn I-16 avoided SAMs from a carrier group, tracked me down somehow (the mission has accurate Iranian ground radar and I put a Russian AWACS), and then proceeded to gun me down at 10k feet 250 knots.


haha F yea! cyka blyat Poccia stronk!

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i thought it was IL-2 BoX for a minute. Does DCS have the Ju-88 and IL-2 in game?

Hahaha that’s hilarious! :rofl:

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That Crimson Skies skin for I-16 is cool.
Wouldn’t it be also cool to have PvP MP server I-16 vs I-16 !? :slight_smile: