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It has long been known that DCS World is a great sandbox – DCS Liberation turns that sandbox into a playground…! For all of the wonderful things that DCS World has evolved into over the years, there remains the admittedly noisy elephant in the room that the core product lacks what is arguably the single…


Very interesting article, Beach. Strangely enough, I haven’t taken the time to try out Liberation due to being quite busy in the last few months. This article makes me want to join you guys really bad. :wink:


Great that all those testing hours have yielded a review your wife will be overjoyed :smiley:
Great content though and an enjoyable read

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Isn’t “testing” supposed to be in quotes…? :rofl:

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THAT was excellent! I’ve been following the “Liberation” thread obviously with no understanding of what it was. I thought you guys were joining a public server like “Blue Flag” or “Low Level Hell”, but called “Liberation”. I guess I must have been browsing the thread much as kid peruses “Playboy”; with a decided focus on pictures over words. (speaking of which, @cib, did you say something?)

I can’t wait to play too!


Great summary @BeachAV8R.

Probably the most enjoyable DCS experience I’ve had. It was just nice to have something a bit longer running that a single mission or an online server that reset each day.

Chatting about the ATO and pondering the map moves and purchases was half the fun, and although DCS is very basic when it comes to the ground war, it gave enough of an excuse for us to do things in missions that felt like it mattered.

Also, I think I am traumatized by SA-11’s after those 20 hours of play…


Thanks - you guys contributed a ton to the accumulated knowledge of both the Hornet and how Liberation works…so it was definitely a group effort. It was a lot of fun getting to know how the GUI worked and getting the workflow down. Overall I think it was a very good server test too…although apparently I need a more robust 4’ LAN cable since I was the one getting disconnected… :rofl:

And after my flight in the Spitfire the other night…I’m ready to go in that again (was it primer/wobble/starter or wobble/primer/starter…sigh…)

I’m keen to show I can land without destroying the propeller… :rofl:


The Spitfire was just a trick to make you avoid Liberation long enough to write an article! :wink:

When we start shooting rockets from P-47’s into Caen we’ll be rocking…

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While I’ve not done Liberation, I have done some of those other persistent random ones like Through the Inferno.
No resources, just blow up enemies and move across the map. It can get old after awhile and the continual waves of enemy air can be frustrating.

“It was my observation that Liberation struck the perfect balance between “small fish in a big pond” OR “big fish in a small pond” because much like the much revered Enemy Engaged campaign you are free to do additional work on your sortie – and it WILL make a difference. Alternatively, you can stick to the ATO (whether generated manually or automatically) and play your part in the war by only performing the task you have been allocated.”

This ^^^
About 1995-ish I told my “team” (all 3 of us) that “small fish in a big pond” was the desired goal of our campaign engine. Our day jobs got in the way eventually; but three years later G.Louie did it. At least when Falcon4 wasn’t CTD’g.

Great article @BeachAV8R

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Well, Liberation does allow you to play a resources game by destroying money generating sites. Also you gain money by taking over those sites/nodes/bases. And the continual waves of enemy air taper off if you are winning the war. And you should really go under with a CAP (although I found SWEEPs to be more effective) and not linger. We often found ourselves retreating to the boat after getting “enough” done…(sometimes enough was just not dying…:rofl:)

I’m proud that I managed to write that whole article without using the words “Falcon 4”… :rofl:



I’ll bet it was :wink:

Sounds like Liberation has come a long ways since I last tried it. The performance was what killed it for me. What the hay, going to try it again.

3.x should bring about some significant improvements…so if you want to wait so that you don’t have an incompatible campaign (if you are using the old 2.5.x version…)…

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I’ll add that I have not really messed with the pre 3.x development version at all other than one quick flight with @fearlessfrog last night. So I don’t have any impressions yet on the updates to the GUI or functionality yet… That will be coming soon.

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Ugh. I just don’t have the CPU for this, yet (finger is poised on the “Buy” button: next month’s purchase).

It does run better than the last time I tried but FPS is 40-50% down and too stutttttterrryy. Is what it is. Trying again with the culling (100nm) button checked.

And, I don’t think I spent enough cash :dollar: on the first go, based on my tour with the F2 view - we were greatly outnumbered!.

And the AI :-1: . “Mudspike xxx for yyy” and “contact xxx for yyy”, over and over, and over and over from my wingman, at way too far away for me to care. Nearly same with AWACS. That’s got to be fixed (an ED thing of course, not the Liberation devs).

Which campaign did you try out of curiosity? We only tried one…that Emirates one…

@fearlessfrog would prefer that same thing droning on than me asking 7 times how to launch Harpoons… :rofl:

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That’s the one: said “1/3” on the perf. scale (Green).

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