DCS Mariana Islands Map

Upcoming DLC map. Marianas Island (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/screenshots/)


W O W…Gorgrous!!!

Gonna need a bigger SSD…

EDIT: Have I read this right?! Is it… Free?!One!1eleven?


So when can I get the Mark 77 and burn down all those trees? :grin:

What?! Combined arms doesn’t do great with obstacles, so I need to clear a path.

But seriously, CA units will have to be more static here. Perhaps a map where the dawn of DCS Helicopters can finally take flight as far more than what sometimes comes across like a gimmick in terms of MP gameplay.


I thought The FreeMap was going to be a WWII Map?


Well that looks like a WWII pacific map to me…



What about for something like amphibious landing type scenarios?

Also, holy crap, do we need more ships and that rework of the naval systems in general.


From news letter

"Since the release of DCS World, the sole free map has been the Caucasus Map. Although a great map and the recipient of a huge update in DCS World 2.5, we are happy to announce a second, free map for DCS World! For this new map, we want to use our latest map technologies and provide a very different combat environment in a new part of the world. The map must have the following features:


  • Andersen AFB.
  • Weapons storage bunkers northwest of Andersen AFB.
  • Ordnance Annex in south-central next to Santa Rita.
  • Antenna array installation on the west coast.
  • Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport.
  • Abandoned Northwest Airfield in the northeast corner of the island.
  • Abandoned Orote Airfield at Crote Pointe.
  • US Naval station and Guam Port Authority at Apra Habor / Sumay.
  • Fort Soledad and Fort Juan Muna.
  • Urban areas of Talofofo, Yona, Tumon, Yigo, Maggilao, Asbeco, Dededo, Inarajan, Santa Rita, Agat, Piti, Asan, Hagatna, Barrigada, Magilao, and Adacao, Agana Heights, Asan-Maina, Chalan-Pago-Ordot, Mongmong-Toto-Maite, and Umatac.
  • The University of Guam.
  • Leo Palace Resort.


  • Saipan International Airport.
  • Port of Puerto Rico.
  • Urban centers of Kagman, San Roque, Tanapag, Garapan, San Vucente, Dandan, Chalan Kiya, Susupe, Chalan Kanoa, Afetna, and Chalan Kiya.
  • Golf courses at Agingan, Kagman, and along the eastern coast.
  • Memorial at the east end.


  • Tinian International Airport.
  • The abandoned airfield at the north end of the island.
  • Urban areas of San Jose / harbor and Marpo Heights.
  • Antenna array along the central west coast of the island.


  • Rota International Airport.
  • Urban areas of Sinapalu, Songsong, and Teneto Village.
  • Golf course on the northern coast of the island.
  • Abandoned weapon storage area on the east end of the island.

Farallon de Medinilla

  • Air-to-ground weapons training range

A very large ocean area with a few islands. Ideal for carrier operations.
Islands that are situated such that airfields have natural red, blue, and contested locations.
Home to at least one modern-day USAF base.
Feasible for US, Russia, and China operations in the Pacific.
Take advantage of the Chinese Assets Pack.

Taken as a whole, there is only one natural choice: the Mariana Islands. It will initially be a 400 x 400 km map with the option to expand further in the future. Home to one of the largest USAF air bases in the region, Andersen AFB on Guam serves as an anchor of US forces in the Pacific region, but it is within reach of both Chinese and Russian Pacific forces to the north. The same island chain also served as the backdrop of the World War II battles of Guam, Saipan, and Rota, as well as the carrier vs. carrier Mariana Islands battle.


@wes you definitely meant ‘twilight’ :wink:

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Very cool. Is When answered?

What a wonderful news letter for the new year yippee

Quite a bit from today’s newsletter :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s the recap

Free Marianas Island Map

A-10C Warthog 2 (dramatic visual and systems upgrade). Available to existing Warthog owners at a significant discount.

KA-50 Black Shark 2: Free cockpit upgrade

KA-50 Black Shark 3. Available to BS2 owners at a significant discount.

P-47D in final stages. ED plans to release a new WW2 Europe map to coincide with the P-47D

New Warbird: De Haviland Mosquito FB MK.VI

Mi-24P Hind to be released in 2020.

Hornet and Viper: goal to be out of EA by the end of 2020

Huey: cooperative multiplayer.

Modern Air Combat: AAA title. 2020 release. Focus more of action, gameplay and shallower learning curve.

OH-58 Kiowa: 2020?

F-15E Strike Eagle: RAZBAM.


They units have enough crashing about on ground with the occasional bugged up sea floor expedition. However the idea is awesome, so hopefully a major CA update follows. DCS: CA 2 please!


looking very good for airborne assaults with MI8’s covered by Hinds, then some amphib beach landings with Av8’s supplying CAS or out and out carriers, including warbirds with the F4U and the recently teased Zero … its shaping up to be a very good year


I’m excited to see what they role out with the Chinese asset pack for this new map. I know Deka has been working on new units for some time. A Chinese carrier along with an AI J-15 capable of carrying anti-ship missiles would make things interesting for sure.


I wonder what map will be most in keeping with the jug. Late war Germany possibly? I would rather they released Norway with the mosquito :thinking:

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@NineLine can we Pre-Pre-Order this?


I am very happy with the free Marianas map, this will be a much appreciated change of scenery.

What surprised me in the newsletter is that apparently the Kiowa and the Strike Eagle are currently the only 3rd party aircraft under development with a license agreement in place.


While this is all fantastic news, thank you ED / DCS, I’m gutted there’s no word on the Phantom this year.

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