DCS: Mi-24 Hind

It’s in todays newsletter :slight_smile:

[quote]The stable of helicopters for DCS World continues to grow, and we have
some great new helicopters in development like the Mi-24 and Bo-105. [/quote]

Always hoped we would one day get to see this one!


It was confirmed months ago :wink:, it’s just no one bothered to pay attention when the dev stated it on the Russian Section.


Me likses russian birds… but this time i wont get one from



Which one of those is the Hind?


I’m sorry skate, I don’t frequent the Russian sections that often because reasons.

But since you seem to be able to find your way around the russian sections maybe you could check for a follow-up statement to this thread?

specifically, this section

[quote] Following the Ka-50 “Black Shark”, TFC/Eagle Dynamics will introduce
additional aircraft modules to the “DCS” world like the A-10A “Warthog”,
AH-64A “Apache”[/quote]

thanks :slight_smile:

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Nothing is confirmed till @wagmatt does a video and says “Hey what’s that _________ doing there”.


Blame it on the Juice… lol

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I can’t read Vodka runes, so I don’t pay too much attention to the RU forums. :frowning:

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Well I for one am cautious. Bst has a very poor track record of development. If this helo does not have a working fan at release its a no go for me. A russian helo without a working fan may as well be a useless brick.

requisite angry rant ended

In seriousness though: an attack helo with a gunner!? Finally!

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I don’t understand the excitement all of a sudden. This isn’t even news, is it?
Perhaps I am imagining things but I am pretty sure I heard of a planned Mi-24 years ago, like…2013 or so, near the release of the Mi-8

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Technically you’re right, Aginor. But it’s been so long (apart from what’s happening on the RU side) that we heard something about the Mi-24 that I was still very excited to hear that work actually continues on it. Similair to how I would be excited if they said they are doing things for the AH-64, wich was first mentioned that it was going to be developed in the post I linked yesterday. That was 9 years ago. Similair for the F-16 stuff we had a chance to see a couple of years back.

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Yeah ok, guess you are right.
Many things were mentioned once and then never again, and are considered to be cancelled (like the F-16).
It IS good to hear about the Hind.

Color me skeptical, but my heart’s been broken too many times by announcements of plans to develop something. I am absolutely excited about the idea of an Mi-24 in DCS as it’s a perfect fit for the terrain and units already there, but wake me up when there’s video of multi-seat alpha gameplay.

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Good news for rotorheads in DCS lately :slight_smile:



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OH Yeah!

Good to see some progress on this beast!

Judging by the colors we’re getting a late 80’s variant? :wink:


Yes, it’s the Miami Vice one

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On russian forum, will be a interview with Alexander Podvoisky about the Mi-24P, other module and DCS World on general on Varg Youtube Channel on November. A Q&A has planned.


New Screens here.

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