DCS MIG-15bis or The Continuing Adventures of Boris And I---An AAR

So if you will recall Boris and I got a little dirty in our last AAR. Boris and my last AAR

Also the last thing we did was drink some vodka and pass out.

Well when I awoke i was in this…

The legendary MIG-15!!!

This was my very first time ever in a MIG-15. So this should be interesting.

I found the owners manual under the seat and started to read up on flying this legend,

First step call fro ground power. Oh good its all ready hooked up. Next step turn all these switches on the right on except the battery switch,.

Good thing it said all because I cant read russian.

Anyway on to the left side panel. Turn the bottom three and the top outboard ones on.

Such a beautiful cockpit.

Next up was engine start. OOOO look at the pretty red lights!! I must be doing something right…or wrong eh lets go with right.

Engine fully spooled up and running and all the red lights are off!! Sweet!

Ready to taxi out. I see Boris has found his landing gear light switch. Starting to think he has been in one of these before…

Taxing to the Runway. Hey that MIG-21 looks like it has Nucs…

I think Boris is still a bit drunk…taking his sweet sweet time taxiing…

Hmmm if that truck was painted Blue I bet I could get it stuck on that hill…

Ah finally Boris is here. Damn he found his wing lights too., Hmmm Maybe if I think in Russian(HEHE) mine will turn on

Finally off the ground and climbing!

Such a powerful small plane.,

Ah the ural mountains…I think…

A good look at the whole cockpit. As I said before a great cockpit.

So first time in a MIG-15 lets go inverted!!!

For the record the MIG doesnt like inverted flight…

Blacked out trying to go back to normal flight.

Coming to boy that ground looks close…

Leveled out and flying normalish…

Had plenty of time to pull out of that!

Turning in to “buzz” the tower before landing…

Coming around to land, Extending the gear.

Over shot the turn a bit. No problem though

And we have touchdown!!!

The gear even stayed intact!!! For now…

Got back to chalks and pushed the wrong button. I tried to lock the gear but ened up retracting the gear instead…OOPS!!!

Great little flight!! I was surprised at how easy and fun it was to fly the MIG.

Stay tuned for more MIG-15 adventure! I think we get bombs next time!

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So flight number 2. Boris couldn’t make it this time.

This time we got two bombs.

Two very little bombs…sheesh!

After take off we follow the coast to the bombing area.

Nice looking valley down there. May have to try to fly through that sometime…

Looking forward trying to spot the bombing area.

Flying over the bombing area. this pic is a bit deceiving at least to me. But my wing is at a 90ish degree angle with the ground.

Bombs away!!!

Just missed!!!

Lining up for final…

And safely back to chalks, gear up this time. Or down depending on how you look at it…

Parked in between some sweet jets too!!!

Had fun dropping bombs. Next mission hopefully bigger bombs and some guns!!! Boris should be back too!!!

More MIG-15 adventure in the near future, Stay tuned!!!

Come on - fess up, we need that miss screen shot :smile:

LOL That was the screen shot of the miss. I was aiming for the Jets I’m front of the smoke cloud :wink:

Ah, I see it now. A bit of a small puff. :fireworks:

Btw, I use that blacked out screenshot as my desktop background now - nice :wink:


I’ve been enjoying your AARs with the pocket MiG. I own it too and find it a joy to fly. I’m slowly learning how to fight in it. Thats the toughy since it wants to become a torpedo if it gets too fast.


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@ST0RM Yeah I noticed the torpedo trick! Its a blast to fly but I can see how it can overload the pilot with work quick. Glad you are enjoying it. I should have a bit more to add to it including big bombs and some aerial combat soon.

OK back into the MIG-15. Still no Boris but we can go on without him.

Still small bombs. I decided to try them again .

Got some friendlies taxiing out as well…

Engine up and running…pay no attention to that battery switch being off. That may or may not affect this flight…

Still proud that I found the light switches!!

After a uneventful taxi we jumped onto the runway and proceeded to stall. I moved the throttle forward way to fast. Kinda forgot its not an F-15 :wink:

Got that fixed and we are up!

Turned and climbing and we are off to the target area

Target area in sight…

Really want to take a low level spin through those mountains…Maybe later…

Beautiful day for flying…

Decided to line up a bit differently this time. Coming around for the dive.

Lined up and Bombs away!!!

Damn just missed! But close enough to register shrapnel hits.

And that’s when it all went wrong, Pretty sure I stalled the compressor again. The plane pulled right and down…Time to test the egress system…

So far so good…

And the silk…

Not really the best way to end a flight…

Pretty sure the battery being off and my F-15 like throttle movement and maneuvers caused this crash. Good news though I almost hit my target!!!

Stay tuned! Bigger bombs and aerial combat coming soon!!!

So with my MIG crashed and burnt, I decide to jump in Boris’ since he is still nowhere to be found.

Bigger bombs this time. FAB-100 instead of FAB-50.

Engine spooled up and we are ready to go. Even got the battery switch in the on position :wink:

Waiting to take off. Two MIG-21s in front of me.

One MIG left till we get airborne.

And we are airborne

Target area in sight. I decided to approach from the mountains for the first pass and then the water for the second.

Rolling on to the target area…

In the dive…I might add, more altitude would help my cause.

Bombs away!!!

So close, but close enough again for shrapnel damage.

On my egress from the bomb pass A friendly lights up a ground target.

Lining up and ready to pull the trigger.

Trigger pulled!

Egressing for the pass

Last pass, just to the left of the target.

Coming around to land, Also known in this mission as where it all went wrong.

On final

And i put the speed brakes out and that’s where it all goes wrong.

Coming in too slow now…not going to make the runway…oops stalled it…

The ground is not soft…

Coming to a sliding halt…on fire!

Hey at least its on the runway right?

Engines off and fire out!

Morale of that story? Keep your landing speed up!

More to come…if I find another MIG to destroy…err…I mean fly!

So finally heard from Boris. He said time for some Air to Air training.

So I steal another MIG, This one looks Chinese.

Lined up for take off and I get buzzed by an F-86.

Thats got to be Boris.

Throttle full and we are off. Once in the air I turn to intercept.

Still turning but I got him in sight.

Shots fired!!!

On his 6 now.,

We got a hit!!!

How is that plane still flying?!?!?!?!?!

I peppered that plane with all my ammo and it still wouldnt go down. So you know what that means!!!

And now its ejection time again!!!

Not only did I take Boris’ plane out but I beat him to the ground too!!! Looks like he is buying the vodka tonight!!!

Great little plane to fly! I need to work on my bombing and my aerial gunnery.

Boris and I had a blast!

Stay tuned for our next adventure in something a little more modern.

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