Lets Get Dirty!---A SpinTires AAR

So what is there to do in Russia? Well how about hauling logs through muddy almost unusable terrain? Sure why not! Pass the vodka Boris!


An excellent mud physics game that has various vehicles to drive all while attempting to haul logs from one end of the map to another. A fun break from other games. It also brings out your inner explorer!

Ok so first we need to chose what map we want to conquer, 8 maps in all not counting mods. For this AAR I will be transversing the Hill map.

So we start out with a nice six wheel truck with plenty of options to chose from. For staters I go light and just chose the truck without any attachments for now.

Hmmm that bridge looks a bit rickety…hope it holds…

Sweet it held!!

Ok lets check the map to see what we got…

Dang…got to explorer to uncloak more stuff…

Ooooo pavement, This looks like a road off Ice Road truckers

I cant imagine having a log trailer filled up going down or up this road…but that is the plan,for now

Made it down the hill, time to keep exploring, Little water crossing. I love how well the water and veichles interact.

Look at the half wet tire. Stunning!!!

Oh whats that?? A cloak point! Lets drive over and unlock it.

Little shack in the middle of nowehere as we drive to unlock another cloak point

Had to cross a bit more water to get to this point!

As you can see the water level was a bit higher this time!

Almost got stuck going back…

We found another truck and a garage area!!!

Still need to go back to our original garage and get the garage utility attachment so I can unlock this garage. I need a total of 4 points to unlock it. The new truck had one garage point. So 3 more points it is!

Back at the starter garage I load up with the Garage attachment and garage trailer, which gives me 4 points, so we are good if we can make it there…

Pulling a trailer through mud is no easy task. THe truck struggle a bit more than without but we pull through!

We even manage to cross the rickety old bridge with no issue!

Going down the hill is a pain with a trailer! Really rethinking the route for taking logs!

Living on the edge

We make it to the new garage and unlock it. I decide to put a repair utily attachment on for the next part of my journey. Night has fallen and I decide to park my truck for now.

More to come from this adventure. Stay tuned!


Lovely game. I spend many hours trying to get unstuck :smiley:


I bought this game during the last Steam sale (though I think I picked it up at GetGames or something similar)…it looks gorgeous and the play is fun! I just haven’t had a chance to explore it, so I’m looking forward to reading about your impressions… :smiley:


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Time for some more exploring.

First thing I did was put bigger tires on my truck. The road ahead is not paved.

Then it was off to unlock more of the map, well at least uncloak it.

A little water crossing, nothing to big.

Another water crossing, this time a good size river with a heck of a current!

Just cruising along in some muddy terrain. This is the alternate route if i dont want to go up the windy hill with logs.

Looks like Im going to need a bigger truck.

Off the beaten path in search of that bigger truck!

Got a little stuck but thats were the winch comes in handy…

Almost got stuck but momentum and gravity came in handy

Trying my hardest to tip my truck over…

Decided to turn around an cross the river again .

Good spot to cross not to deep.

Found another cloak point but it is surrounded by stumps.

Tried to get to it anyway, almost lost the truck

Once again the winch saves me.

But I ran out of fuel and got stuck in the mud on a stump…

So now its up to the little 2 wheel drive truck to come save the bigger truck!!!

400 liters of fuel on the way…if I dont get stuck…

Stay tuned more to come!

So off we go to rescue my other truck.

On the road, paved, for now…

Climbing a hill fairly easy going so far,.

Through the water and stuck…Rear wheel drive just pushes the rear end around lol! Time for the winch!

Got stuck going down a hill…had to winch back up!

Made it to the truck and cleared the cloaked area. Lots of winching over stumps to maker it.

Unfortunate the little truck got stuck. So we left here for now. And now its time to search for that big beast of a truck that we need!

Saw a cab of a truck in the distance. Need to cross the river but the bank is a bit steep.

Little winch action and all is good!

Defiantly not the truck I had in mine. Its almost out of fuel and fully damaged,

Two more cloaked areas to clear and hopefully the big beast is in there!

More mudding to come!

Thanks for sharing and keep em coming. I was on the fence with this title thinking it would get old rather quickly. Seems like there’s enough to do to keep one occupied. I’ll definitely get it on the next Steam sale.


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Time for a little more mudding.

I decided to try and get that new truck back to a garage to see what kind of attachments it has.

Not the best wheels for off roading…and I of course get stuck in the river…

Not to bad yet…hang on let me bury it under water…

Well time to get the old trusty truck to pull me out.

Finally on the other side of the river.

Of course those awesome mud tires keep getting the new truck stuck. So more pulling

Never really envisoned any thing going to wrong until…

Aw crap! Now I need to position the new truck so I can get the old truck back up on its wheels. What could go wrong???

Crap!! Now I really need the big beast truck!!!

So I “walk” back to one of my little blue trucks and decided to forage on to the last cloak points!
At the garage I make the truck as light as possible, And then off we go

Such a beautiful morning…

Ah pavement! The little blue trucks friend!

Uncloaked another point. Wasnt that hard although the front wheels kept getting hooked on stuff.

With that cloak point gone, My map showed another vehicle by this shed.

Could it be the big beast???
Nope not even close…

Dang! Well on more cloak point to unlock. Maybe the Big Beast is somewhere over there???

Maybe the Big Beast doesn’t exist? I hope it does I don’t think the little blue trucks can get my other two trucks unstuck…

Well stay tuned for more…


This is great, love it! Looks like a pretty engaging game!

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Nice read - keep em coming.

You get through trucks like I get through headsets @weaponz248 :smile:


Yeah…I love the exploration part…that’s always the best part of games to me…


So I managed to unlock the final cloak point and no big beast.

So I need to get my other two trucks upright so I can haul these logs. So first thing is I need to get a utility attachment on little blue so we can go resuce those trucks!

Little blue does not play well with the rickety bridge…

We finally get over the bridge and to the garage.

So after many tires to get back over the bridge, the only way out, little blue gives up and cant do it.

So I walk to my other garage and get in the other blue truck, I got 4 off them for some reason. After almost tipping it over I manage to get to the fuel pumps to fill up the reserve fuel tanks,

Off to rescue the other trucks…

Or not…

So for those of you keeping score at home, I have 3 trucks on their sides, and 2 trucks hopelessly stuck.

Good news I have one more truck to help!!!
Of course this little blue truck has no chains…

And now its stuck too…

So i have to “pay” ( not really I just click on a garage and restore a vehicle) to get one of my vehicles towed to a garage.

I chose the big truck. I also got him ready to haul logs.

So now the plan is to get 8 points worth of logs to the lumber mill. Small loads are worth 2 medium loloadsre worth 4 and large loads are worth 6.

So the plans is two trips one large load and one small load.

The large load will follow the red route while the small load will follow the blue route.

Of course I will probably dump the large load and end up making 3 small load trips…oh well we shall see!

Stay tuned for more off roading adventures!

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You need a helicopter unlock… :smile: Preferably one that can sling load a mud-laden truck!

This has been a great AAR…


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Oh how I wish I had that Helo!!!

Time to haul some logs!

We make our way to the lumber with the log trailer stowed for easy movement through the muck.

Ah the lumber yard…one way in and one way out. Of course after one or two trips in it will be a complete muddy mess.

We load up with a large load and almost tip over right away. This cant be good for the future…

Finally made it out of the yard. The load is heavy and the trailer wheels suck.

Moving at the speed of a turtle. Those little lumber pieces on the ground are becoming a pain in the butt. Trailer keeps hanging up on them.

And out first kink in the road…

Tried to stay dry but the trailer slide into the water and now we need to rescue the truck. So we get it back to the garage were we set out for the lumber yard again. Beautiful sunset too.

Loaded up again and pulling out of the yard at night…

Made it passed the last problem spot by about 100 feet. And then ran into this.

4 game hours later Im almost across and out of fuel

So i rescue the rescue truck…I put a fuel tank on it and get it ready to go get some fuel and head out to pull the other truck out of the water.

I will say this If i tip this load I am going with small loads from here on out.

More off-road adventures to come!


Rescue truck for the rescue truck? This sounds more like a Kerbal mission! :blush:

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@EinsteinEP Leave those poor Kerbals out of it!!! They had no idea the third rescue shuttle would explode on the launch pad…

Anyway…off to get some fuel and I happen upon on o fmy little blue trucks. I try to get him up right but just manage to make it worse.

Coming to the fuel tank to fill up with 1200 liters of fuel.

Water crossing is getting very very deep!

We pull through…barely

Coming up on my stuck truck

Hooked up and pulling,.life is good!

ANd then we come to a spot that is nothing but deep deep mud and rocks. It took about 10 minutes to get through. Only to have the log truck tip over

So i decide to head back to a garage so I can set up this truck for small loads. and of course I end up like this…

So the new plan is 4 trips with small loads. The trucks are ready to go.

We shall see if we can pull it off!


Two things - (1) No, you can’t borrow my truck this weekend and (2) I’ve extrapolated forward and it seems the plan may be to make a complete road out of disused upturned blue trucks? :smile:

SpinTires doesn’t have a first person view does it - I can’t remember although I did play it a while ago? Getting me pretty tempted to get back in that mud with this AAR!

It’s a team building exercise…

So off we go with plan B, and yes @fearlessfrog plan C is borrowing your truck!!

Down the hill into the lumber yard we go

Into the lumber yard we go. @fearlessfrog this is the closest to a first person view I get. Although they are said to be working on a cab view. I dont like this view it feels to stiff for me.

Loaded up and ready to drive off.

And we are moving. Ruts are pretty good right now. However by pass 2 they are horrible.

Water crossing. This actually went easier than I expected.

Out of the water and climbing the hill. Deep ruts which the water doesn’t help with either.

We make it to the garage where we fuel up to 200 liters and get ready for the paved part of the run.

At the top of the big hill! Its all clear paved sailing to the saw mill from here.

At the saw mill with the first of 4 loads.

And empty going back for load 2.

Quick stop for gas and then its off into the mud to the lumber yard.

Load #2 ready to go as night descends.

We make it to the garage and fuel up and get ready for the easy part of the trip.

Or so I thought it was the easy part. Almost tipped the truck. Ruts are getting really really deep. Thius one concerns me as its only rutted on one side.

And then a simple turn taken to soon almost turns deadly!

However through sheer luck and some smart maneuvering we make it and unload load #2.

With the ruts getting deeper I decided to switch to the more powerful truck. So this one gets parked after a job well done!

The more powerful truck at the garage and ready to go get loads 3 and 4.

More adventure to come I am sure of that!


So off we go to get load #3

Coming out of the increasingly difficult to cross pond.

Rut are getting deep and I still have to come through here 3 more times.

Down the hill to the lumber yard. its getting muddy!

Load #3 loaded up. Mud is getting bad at the lumber yard. Cant even see the tires.

Had to winch a few times just to get up the hill. Hoping I make it up next time.

Into the pond again.

Ruts coming out of the pond are deep and slowly filling with water

Coming out of the pond.

Little water hole before the garage and I almost tip the truck!

Back on pavement with load #3 and almost out of gas. It was close but I made it to the garage and got fuel.

Load #3 on pavement and good to go.

Climbing the hill proves to be a slow but uneventful journey.

At the top all safe from here.

Beautiful sunset on the way to the saw mill

Load 3 dropped off. 1 more load to go!

Empty and hauling butt back to the lumber yard!

Quick gas stop and we are off!

Crossing the pond is almost impossible…

Leaving the lumber yard for the last time…as long as nothing goes wrong…

Made it up the hill way faster and easier this time!

The pond almost swallows the truck…

But we make it across,barely,

Last time through here. Which is a good thing because I am not sure we could make it another time.

Coming down into the pond before the garage. Fuel useage was excellent this time. we have about 20ish more liters this run then last run.

On pavement headed for the garage for one last fueling.

On pavement, no more off-road for us. Almost home free.

Just have to climb the hill one last time!

Halfway up. Looking good!

At the top! Home free for our fourth and final load!

Load #4 at the saw mill!

The two workhorses that got the job done!

Overall a fun little game. Is it boring? That would depend on you. I was looking to relax and explore. This game has outstanding mud physics and gorgeous graphics. Sure I could have gone from point a to point b with one truck without unlocking anything but where is the fun in that???

Anyway as the night drew to a close. Boris and I pulled out the vodka and toasted those four little blue trucks, without them we wouldn’t be done!

Little blue #1
Turned upside down trying to get fuel for a rescue.

Little blue #2

Stuck on a stump after rescuing my first truck and uncloaking a cloak point

Little blue #3
Stuck on the rickety bridge trying to leave the garage…

And Little Blue #4
Stuck in the water

As we finished off the vodka, I asked Boris what was next. I passed out as he was telling me what our next adventure would be. All I heard was MIGS and then I was out!



I’ve created and added a special badge to your profile @weaponz248 :smile:

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