DCS MiG-21bis Dynamic Campaign: Desert Fishbed 76

Fly the MiG-21bis interceptor for the Warsaw Pact in a 1976 simulated air war exercise in Nevada.


  • Single player or up to 2 player COOP dynamic campaign
  • Intercept mission types
  • Persistent damage and resources tracking across missions

This is a MiG-21bis spin-off of the Desert Tiger 76 campaign.

Download at ED forum: MiG-21bis Dynamic Campaign: Desert Fishbed 76 - User Created Missions General - ED Forums


@MBot, I’ve been wanting to play mission two, intercept in the dark. But the framerate when the simulation is unpaused tanks. Any idea what could be causing this?

It is an unfortunate issue that is plaguing the MiG-21 for a while now, where close proximity of another MiG-21 (such as on the tarmac or in formation flying) kills the frame rate.

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Ah shame, I suppose I’ll have to keep periodically trying it then.

Or get a new machine :wink: