DCS Mission Submission: AV-8B Noob familiarization missions DCS v1.5.8

AV-8B Noob familiarization missions

Three easy single player “let’s see what this switch does” fam missions Two are land departures, the other from the Tarawa.


Lt. Nuget Noob, you have been handed the keys of a new AV-8B. You are desperately trying not to pee in your flying suit. Being a noob, you neglected to bring piddle packs.


Use this time to familiarize yourself with the aircraft and setup your controls. Depart from Batumi or from the Tarawa. The engine is hot and the aircraft is near ready to depart. Your aircraft has about 50% fuel, so that you may experiment with VTOL. Keep an eye on that fuel gauge and refuel/rearm if needed.

A version added with targets on the range north of Kobuleti city. Your Harrier is armed with rockets and guns.

Good luck.

For DCS 1.5.8 beta
Mission: v1.02 Feel free to distribute and/or modify as needed.

[AV-8B] Takeoff_and_Landing_SP.miz (6.7 KB)
[AV-8B] Takeoff_and_Landing_Ship_SP.miz (7.3 KB)
[AV-8B] Takeoff_Truck Shoot_and_Landing_SP.miz (7.8 KB)


Very nice - for all the ATC/Radios to work at the moment the missions need to have this as well:

MIssion Options (check mark icon in the mission editor) → Easy Radio → Enforced.

Thanks. Updated and uploaded.

V1.01, easy coms set to Enforced

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Version 1.02, fuel raised to 50% internal, a version added with targets on the range north of Kobuleti city.

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