DCS Mission Submission: AV-8B Takeoff and Shoot or Bomb SP Mission Pack for DCS 2.5

Your AV-8B is either parked hot on the ramp at Batumi, or lined up for departure on the Tarawa. Ordinance is either rockets and guns for the Shoot missions, or bombs and rockets for the Bomb missions.

Four easy VFR single player Harrier familiarization missions. There are APC targets on the range north of Kobuleti city, whom will shoot back small arms only. RTB at Batumi, the Tarawa, or Kobuleti.

What can be practiced on these missions?

  • STOVL takeoff and landing at land or sea, provided you have dropped or jettisoned your ordinance
  • Unguided rocket and gunnery on the range against live targets in the Shoot missions
  • TGP and LGB deployment in the Bomb missions

Tips for a Successful Carrier Takeoff

Before Takeoff

  1. Set ANTISKID to NWS
  2. Set HUD to VSTOL mode
  3. Set Flaps to STOL mode
  4. Set nozzle stopper to 60
  5. Set H2O to TO mode
  6. Nozzle full forward, brakes on, full throttle, nozzle all the way back just before leaving deck. Then gradually return nozzle forward to establish normal flight.

After takeoff:

  1. Set RPM to 100
  2. Set flaps to auto
  3. Set H2O OFF

Have fun and train hard.

initial release

[AV-8B] Takeoff_APC Bomb_and_Landing_SP.miz (20.8 KB)
[AV-8B] Takeoff_APC Shoot_and_Landing_SP.miz (20.8 KB)
[AV-8B] Ship Takeoff_APC Bomb_and_Landing_SP.miz (20.8 KB)
[AV-8B] Ship Takeoff_APC Shoot_and_Landing_SP.miz (20.7 KB)

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