DCS Mission Submission: B Company Clear and Hold V4

A Multiplayer helicopter operation that the 229th will be playing on Thursday. I plan to create a mini campaign set in Vietnam 1965 and this is the first of the missions. It is designed as a play once and throw it away from our perspective (the 229th) but there may be some replayability in it :slight_smile:

Republic of South Vietnam 1965
After the attack on Camp Hollaway in February which resulted in the death of 9 US servicemen and 128 wounded the 229th are temporarily based at Pleiku AFB. Now early June we are ready to start clearing the Vietcong from the immediate AO
Our first target is a logistics hub and training area for fresh recruits coming down the Ho Chi Minh trail.

UH-1h slicks of the 229th AHB will lift US troops into an LZ close to the Ville at Tetra Tskaro some 28 miles SouthWest of Pleiku .
Uh-1h Gunships of D company along with Mayfly flight of Gazelles will provide protection and clear the chosen LZ of any enemy units.
Beware multi barreled AAA and other large calibre weapons. latest intel shows an unknown quantity of .50 cal machine guns have made it into the south from Laos.

First Phase

  • 2 ships are required to lift sling load ammo to FOB Bison and once this is achieved we can prep the LZ’s with indirect fire.
  • Elements of A and B Company will lift F Company 101st Airborne to a pre determined and pre prepped LZ F Company will provide the blocking force
  • D Company will fly close support for the sling load ships and the slicks inserting F Company
  • RTB for rearming (D) and loading up the next wave (A + B)

Second Phase

  • A and B will lift E Company 101st Airborne to a pre determined and prepped LZ as the clearing force.
  • D Company gunships will be free to engage targets of opportunity after the E/101 insertion.
  • A and B company will RTB for 3rd lift of troops I/101 and will be dropped at unprepared LZ (AMC will designate LZ)

Third Phase

  • All Companies will RTB on Endex (Decided by AMC)
  • On landing shut down and return to TS for debrief

Friendly Forces

  • 1x Uh-1h C&C slick
  • 12x Uh-1h slicks
  • 4x Uh-1h Gunships
  • 2x LOACH (Gazelles 1x M 1x L)
  • 3 Companies of 101st AIrborne Division
  • 6x Howitzers of the 8th Bn, 6th Arty 1st Infantry Division @ FOB Bison


Guard Channel 166 Victor
Slicks 30 FoxMike
Guns, LOACH 31 FoxMike
Mission Net 251 Uniform
For simplicity
Slicks will be Bandit callsigns.
Guns will be Snake callsign.
LOACH will be Mayfly Callsign.
AMC callsign Preacher 1-1

Mission here

@fearlessfrog I am unsure how to add this to your wiki If you could do the honours… :slight_smile:


What time Thursday and do I need any modules other than the Huey and Starways Vietnam terrain?

I updated the index table for you :slight_smile:


Sorry my friend it is a rather large mod pack which unfortunately is accessed through joining the 229th. I hope to have a mod free guest evening in November running a similar mission :slight_smile:

Thanks Fridge :relaxed:

Rog. No worries.

Might want to mention it relies on Rangers Cold War Unit pack :smiley:

Oops I left 2x tarpaulins from the mod pack in. Nothing to stop it playing AFAIK but will change the link to a clean version when possible