DCS Mission Submission: Blue Sky

Mission Title
Blue Sky
Blue COOP, Air to Air, Fast Jets
F10 All, Labels Off

There are three possible objectives in this busy airspace:

  1. Escort Blue tanker TEXACO from the South West into Nellis. A flight of Su-30 aircraft are coming in from the South East.
  2. Five eastbound Blue C-130’s require escort into Nellis. The C-130s are 150 miles West of Las Vegas. Su-27 aircraft are approaching from Tonopah TR, coming down from the North.
  3. Destroy Red AWACS and tanker groups that are flying from the North East across the top of the map to Tonopah Test Range Airbase. MiG-29 escorts are reported. Tonopah TR is Red and has SA-3 air defense.

Climb to altitude and fight one of three scenarios:
7,000’ - Objective 1 - Escort Blue Tanker
12,000’ - Obj 2 - Escort 5 Blue C-130s
18,000’ - Obj 3 - Destroy Red AWACS

DCS v2.5.0

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