DCS Mission Submission: Calling On Rachel

Calling On Rachel (F-5, Mirage, Viggen)



Soviet forces have constructed a large armored repair depot within the town of Rachel. NATO command has made its destruction a top priority.

The depot itself consists of several large quonset hut type structures arrayed in an L shape, with a number of armored vehicles in between the legs. Air defense is expected to consist of light AAA and manpads. Enemy interceptors may scramble once you are detected.

Blue Task

A flight of F-5 and AJS-37 Viggens (Colt 1 & 2) have been alotted for the destruction of the enemy armored depot. A pair of Viggens (Uzi 3), will go in ahead of the rest of the package and illuminate the objective with flares.

A pair of Mirages (Enfield 1) will provide escort.

Red Task

Get out of here, stalker.

CallingOnRachel.miz (28.1 KB)