DCS Mission Submission Commission Coalition Ambition: Convoy CAP

Convoy CAP



Escalation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Georgia has reached the highest point since 2008. In response NATO has embarked a convoy full of various military and foreign aide, bound for the Georgian port of Poti. Russia has called this a “Barbarous invasion force intended to undermine imperative and just Russian interests in the region” and that “If [the fleet] does not return to its point of origin, it will never be allowed to arrive at its destination”.

To make good the threat, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been shadowing the convoy since it passed Sevastapol a day ago. As the convoy is soon to make land fall, it is suspected that hostile Russian action will be iminent.

Blue Tasking

Your flight (Springfield), will be tasked with with providing CAP for the convoy as it approaches Georgian territorial waters. Russian Aircraft are thick in the area, but current ROE procludes taking any unprovoked action unless enemies close to within 50 NM of the convoy.

If a target comes closer than that distance, you are cleared to engage. In any case AWACS should also keep you apprised of the situation, and will release you to engage when the time comes.

Convoy.miz (45.7 KB)