DCS Mission Submission Commission Coalition: Maykop OCA

Maykop OCA (F-15)


With the securing of the deep water port at Novorussiysk and the Kubani bridgeheads, the NATO toe hold in south west Russia is teetering on the edge of Secure. However constant attacks by the increasingly desparate VVS threaten the NATO position, and our ability to bring more supplies in country.

In an attempt to alleviate this pressure, NATO will launch a major strike agains the last functional Russian air base in the region: Maykop

This is a large, multi-national strike package. Newly arrived F-15Es will conduct a low level strike on the actual air base at Maykop. German Tornados and American F-16s will conduct SEAD operations to suppress and destroy enemy air defenses around the base. German Phantoms and American F-15Cs will protect the strike package.

Blue Tasking

Your flight (Chevy 1) will be tasked with sweeping ahead of the main package, and engaging any enemy fighters in the area.

You will fly to waypoint 1, and orbit until the assigned push time (8:20:00 LIMA). From there, follow the waypoints along the Kubani River, diverting left at Lake Krasnodar, before sweeping south around the air base at Maykop.

Enemy fighters are expected to be present in strength at the base at Maykop, and reinforcements are likely to enter the area from air bases at Sochi and Mineralye Vody.

Maykop OCA.miz (47.5 KB)

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