DCS Mission Submission Commission: Su-33 Missions

Drop Bear Four



The wheels of conflict continue to turn, and it seems the Russian Federation must impress the nature of the world upon the wayward Georgian Republic.

Elements of the Fleet Air Forces and Frontal Aviation will undertake a new regime of attacks to cripple the Georgian Air, Naval and Ground forces. Our part in this task shall be striking the main Georgian naval port of Poti, where the remnants of their fleet are currently docked.

Red Task

Elements of the Kuznetsov air wing will take part in a strike upon ships anchored at the Port of Poti.

A flight of Su-33s will provide air cover for the pacakge, while a second flight of Su-33s will strike the actual ships themselves. A flight of Su-34s from the VVS will provide SEAD support for the mission. All fights shall rendevouz at the tanker orbitting waypoint 1.

Once the package has marshaled, the strike commander will give the command for the package to push (F10 Menu). Recent pictures show a pair of Project 1241.1 Missile Corvettes and a single Project 1124 Antisubmarine Corvette present. Efforts should prioritize sinking the Missile Corvettes

Intelligence also reports Georgia may have secretly acquired western fighter aircraft. Bare this in mind.

Civilian Air Services have not as of yet stopped, so be sure to check your targets.

Blue Task

Get out of here, Stalker

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Drop Bear Five



Our efforts to punish Georgia for whatever it is they did this week continue. Following our successful strikes against the Georgian Navy, efforts will now be made to damage their main air base in western Georgia.

(note. I haven’t tested this thoroughly, things might (will) break. Let me know if they do).

Red Briefing

Elements of the Kuznetsov air group will take part in a large scale OCA strike against the air base at Kutaisi.

The package will consist of one flight of Su-27s performing forward fighter sweep, a flight of Su-30s providing SEAD support, a flight of Su-34s performing precision bombing of high value targets, a flight of Su-33s bombing the the enemy runway with 500Kg penetration bombs, and a second flight of Su-33s providing escort for the package.

Like last time, the package will form up at the tanker, orbiting way-point one. Refuel, and tell the package to push using the F10 Menu. From there it will ingress across the Georgian coast north of Poti, and follow the Rioni river to the target.

The enemy fighter threat has been confirmed, intelligence has identified a number of MiG-21 and MiG-29 type aircraft, and has found evidence of limited numbers of Mirage and F-16 type interceptors.

Of note, tensions with Turkey over our punitive expedition have been rising. Turkish cargo aircraft have been tracked delivering none lethal military aid to the Georgians, using the base at Kutaisi as their primary entry point. The Kremlin is trying to disentangle the wayward turks from this cause, do not make this task more difficult by foolishly shooting down a turkish aircraft.

Repeat. Do Not. Engage. Turkish Aircraft.

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Drop Bear Seven



Bozhe Moi. You get bored, you try and stretch your legs as international super power by beating up little crap neighbor, and suddenly entire world is upset with you. Now the Turks are overtly aiding the Georgians, these Amerikanski Cyki are shadowing our every move, and Ukraine are calling us funny names again. Blyat.

The Turks are attempting to send a major shipment of arms to the Georgians via their port at Poti. We will sink this to show them who are really the big men.

Red Task

A flight of Su-34s with SEAD provided by Su-24s will attack this Turko-Georgian fleet in the eastern Black Sea. They will strike the escort ships, then friendly naval vessels will close to finish the job with missiles and gun fire.

Rendezvous with the Su-34s at waypoint one, tell them to push (F10 menu), make sure they don’t die. Deh? Deh.

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