DCS Mission Submission: F-14B A2G Practice Missions (NTTR)

As always, one cold jet, one hot jet, and one jet ready on the runway. I have three versions.

Range 62B Short and quick range day using the bullseye drawn on the desert floor for bombing practice, as well as a column of static T-55s and M113s. Special waypoints for the Tomcat: IP, ST (bullseye target), and HA (vehicle column). Tanker in EGLIN, freqs in briefing.

Range 74B Longer range day with a simulated airbase target: A factory to bomb, some parked MiG-15s to strafe, simulated SA-2 and SA-3 sites in the target area. Special waypoints for the Tomcat are FP, IP, and ST. The radars emit but they will not fire. Tanker in Caliente Charlie, freqs in the breifing.

Range 74B Live Same as Range 74B mission, but the SA-2 and SA-3 can fire on you. They are handicapped (ammo-wise). SA-3 only has one active launcher (4 missiles) and the SA-2 only has three active launchers (3 missiles).

I haven’t gotten a chance to test these yet, and I’m not very knowledgeable on the Tomcat’s special waypoints so be sure to check those.

Tomcat AG Range 62B.miz (13.5 KB)
Tomcat AG Range 74B Live.miz (15.0 KB)
Tomcat AG Range 74B.miz (15.1 KB)