DCS Mission Submission: F-14B CASE I/II/III (Caucasus)

CASE I, II, and III practice missions for Caucasus. Three jets at Anapa (ramp cold, ramp hot, runway) and three jets on the Stennis (ramp cold, ramp hot, runway). Carrier “group” about 50-60nm South-ish of Anapa. In the carrier group you’ve got a destroyer about 1.1nm port of the carrier to help with downwind lineups, and another destroyer about 5nm port of the carrier to help with CASE I marshal. S-3 tanker on station. Freqs and other info in briefing.

Notes: Cat 1 INOP due to parked jets. Use Cats 2, 3, or 4. CASE II weather seems to be localized around wherever you spawn, so if you spawn on the ship you’ll get low clouds over the ship. If you spawn at Anapa, the clouds thin out right where the carrier is.

Liveries: Deck is populated with CVW-17 (AA) Hornets and Tomcats. A mix of new Lot 20s and old FC3 models to help with performance. For the 2 Lot 20s you’ll need VFA-81 401 and VFA-81 403, and for the FC3 Hornets the CVW-17 pack.

F-14 Carrier CASE I.miz (16.7 KB)
F-14 Carrier CASE II.miz (17.6 KB)
F-14 Carrier CASE III Rain.miz (17.6 KB)
F-14 Carrier CASE III.miz (17.6 KB)


Thanks man. I have been making missions for myself that allow me to practice what I know atm. These missions will help enormously once I suss out the systems required its all still mumbo jumbo reading the manual

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