DCS Mission Submission: Kill Fighters

Mission Title

Kill Fighters, for v157


Fun F-15C action, also a role for A-10s. Enemy fast jets will activate with the presence of a Player/Client. Works well in single- and multiplayer modes.


Kill Fighters, Caucasus Map
Blue: F-15C, A-10A/C; Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional, Visual Recon On, Start 0600 21JUN

Blue F-15Cs intercept Red bombers and fighters. A-10Cs destroy Red artillery south of Zugdidi River.

Feel free to edit this mission. Have fun,
Wrecking Crew

Kill Fighters
Follow this link to the latest mission version.


DCS 1.5.7
October 28, 2017: A-10s now have a waypoint near the enemy Red artillery


We are going to fly this v1.5.7 mission on Thursday evening and would like some help with fighting the F-15Cs. We need help with surviving :slight_smile:

@Dark_Star and I will be on the Hollo Pointe server. Mudspike TS from about 1800 MST (GMT -7).

The flight is this Thursday, December 14, 2017, 1800 MST. We are looking for help with locking targets within 40 miles, missile evasion, team tactics.

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