DCS Mission Submission: Modern Type Training-Nevada

Modern Type Training-Nevada

*Not a Nevada shot but it showcases what we are aiming for;

This is my first ‘deployed’ mission. Please don’t be gentle - I want the feedback.


This is a general training mission for 1-4 clients (+ 1-2 in adversary roles if that choice is made). Having more clients is possible but it will likely get chaotic. The client unit selection is intended to provide variety in platform selection.

Training pilots have been assigned to BLUE, with potential adversary units assigned to RED (though most adversary roles will be covered by the AI). The training area around Rachel has been set up to provide on-demand Air-2-Air and Air-2-Ground training. Specifically, this training is designed to allow flight/element wingman training with adversaries provided, generally, via Comms menu call.

If staffing levels permit, teamwork training can include coordination between 2 (or more) teams instead of just within the team (See the Mission Sub-Type Briefing section).

Client Spots:
(see the PDF Briefing document included in the .zip for details)

  • F-5E-3 (4 BLUE, 2 RED positions);
  • M-2000C (4 BLUE, 2 RED positions);
  • MiG-21Bis (2 positions);
  • F-15C (4 BLUE, 2 RED positions);
  • AJS37 (4 BLUE positions);
  • Su-33 (4 BLUE positions);


Navigate to the Training Range in the Northern Nellis Training Area from Nellis AFB to CALIENTE ALPHA and targets in COYOTE ALPHA/CHARLIE/DELTA, 4808A. Engage targets according to the mission designated by your flight lead. Those tasks are covered later in [the PDF Briefing document included in the .zip].

Mission Sub-Tasks:
(see the PDF Briefing document included in the .zip for details)

  • Navigation;
  • A2A Training;
  • A2A Adversary Training;
  • A2G Static Target Training;
  • A2G BAI (Convoy) Training;


This mission is not dependent on any content external to DCS World.

This mission uses MOOSE 2.2 which is included in the .miz and .zip files. MOOSE was developed by FlightControl and is an excellent scripting addition (ED Forum link). I have included my source code that takes care of the group spawning (AI Adversary, Tanker, AWACS, Ground Convoys and SAM groups).

Known Issues:

  • The Mission Briefing Documentation PDF makes no note of it but there is a MOOSE Missile Trainer enabled. This trainer will notify you of missile launches against you, the bearing and range. When the missile gets close, MOOSE will attempt to ‘self destruct’ the missile. This is mission is intended as a teamwork trainer and getting shot down is intended to be a learning lesson and not an impediment to that training. Your wing-men should torment you about it later and with Tacview, point out what went wrong.

Future Plans (maybe):

  • Kneeboard additions with flight plan/checklists;
  • Corrections and additional data to the briefing PDF;
  • Additional platform types and targets;
  • Add option to disable/enable the MOOSE missile trainer via a comms menu call;

Version History:

Mudspike-D07-Modern_Training-Nevada-V01.zip (1.8 MB)

Version Date DCS World Version Notes
V01 18 Oct 2017 DCS World Initial release;