DCS Mission Submission: NAVEX (Caucasus)

Blue Air to Air: Eagle, Viggen, Mirage, Tiger, Sabre
F10 All, Labels Optional, Start 0700 13AUG11, 3Hr Timeout


Take off from Kutaisi Airbase. Fly up the coast to Novorossiysk and turn in to land at Krasnodar-Pashkovsky.

Enemy fighters will launch when you reach certain navigation points. Civilian aircraft are not targets, do not fire on civilian/unidentified targets!

Can you manage your flight’s fuel to Novorossiysk?

Mission for Blue fast jets -

Fly up the coast and fight a choice of fighters -

Fly me to the moooon -

A fun mission for navigation exercises -

If you fly directly over the Blue airbases then Red fighters will launch -

Sky burst -

COOP, a good mission for all skills -

Download the NAVEX for Caucasus from Wrecking Crew Projects, v1.5 missions.

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