DCS Mission Submission: Scramble, young lion! (SP)

Howdy flyboys and flygirls all over,

Here’s what I’ve been whiling my sunny sunday afternoon away with. Nothing fancy, just a desperate scramble to keep the Evil Imperialist hornets from bombing your homebase to smithereens. I haven’t yet put in things like scoring, win/fail states but it works without them. Can you keep the runways open and earn a parking spot among the kitties on the northwestern end of the base?

Enjoy and I’d be happy to hear how it worked out for you guys.

Mission Title

Scramble Scramble Scramble


American carrier jets are inbound on your location. Takeoff in your MiG-29 and defend your home.

MiG29Scramble.miz (88.8 KB)


Mission version 1.0, DCS version 2.5.3

p.s. this thing can easily be changed into a multiplayer brawlfest.


Pretty nice, but the hornets didn’t seem to be all that eager to get into fights :slight_smile: Also, it is listed here as being a caucasus mission but it actually seems to take place in the gulf.

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Fixed the master mission list. thanks for pointing that out.

The hornets are on a mission to bomb the airfield. They should be doing that, not tangling with MiGs. If you shoot them, they drop their ordinance and will become a threat.

Anyway, the mission is not meant to be very hard, landing that little soviet monster is hard enough :stuck_out_tongue: If you manage to stay alive for a while after getting all of the hornets to drop early you should be OK.

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