DCS Mission Submission: The Strip

The Strip, DCS v2
Blue COOP, Air to Ground
F10 Allies Only, Labels Off
Warthog, Viggen, Harrier, Mirage, Tiger, Huey, Gazelle, Black Shark, Hip

The Red forces moved into Las Vegas and are occupying ten locations along The Strip. Your waypoints are on the known groups. Weapons Free. Run off five Red teams to win the mission.

These Red guys are cracking the safe at Gold & Silver Pawn -

Beware a ZU-23 outside Palazzio’s!

Stealing the linen and bathrobes from The Bellagio -

Weapons Free!

Watch out for the inbound Conair flight -

Download The Strip from Wrecking Crew Projects, v2 missions.


How can I download this mission? Can’t seem to find a link?

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You can use either of these links in the post above. The second one links to the ‘master topic’ collecting up a bunch of DCS missions:


Or click here:

Hi moespeeds -
Check out this link for The Strip mission. There is a latest version of The Strip up now.