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I’d be in, but I dont have the asset pack for WW2, so I may not be able to.

Wow, there is so much here I need to try. :slight_smile:

I updated the broken link to the Epsom and Charnwood sample missions and added a link to the Viggen Red Flag missions.

I haven’t done multiplayer in years so I have no idea what people look for in that, but these might make a good starting point if anybody wants to adapt them. There would be a lot of triggers to strip away that only apply to single player but I think they are as solid a baseline for a WWII mission as have ever existed. I read a lot about the WWII environment not being up to some standard but I really don’t think those folks have tried it lately, if at all.

I think the same.

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@Fridge, do we want to work on rejiggering the first post now that we are well passed unification?

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Good point. I am wondering if we can just amalgamate them or if we should make sure that they all open in the editor in 2.5. Not sure if compatibility is assured from both of those lists into 2.5.

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Also a good point. I think baring extreme trigger or script chicanery, there shouldn’t be anything more severe than objects appearing inside forests or under the terrain.

Maybe rename 2.X to 2.5, and leave it up to the author to verify their stuff works and transfer/copy their mission over to the newer version if they so chose? I know there are also people who insist on sticking with the 1.5 version, so it doesn’t feel right to nuke it out of existence just yet.

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I put “A Day at the Beach” in the list, but when I tried to do @anklebiter following the syntax of the rest, it said there was a limit of 10 people that could be referenced in a post. Probably due to my low post count?

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Ahh. Well then. I will try to take a look at this later in the day and maybe split it up. Thanks!

I cant add a new mission to the OP. :frowning:
@admin perhaps it might be a good idea to do this on a dedicated part of the site instead of trying to shoehorn it into the forum?

What reason did it give?

EDIT: I added your mission to test it out, if it’s limit on notifications or something then we can tweak it, but need to know what to change.

Something about mentions.

Yep, if the wiki post is updated to have a username with an @ sign e.g. @schurem then it will think that on an edit that each of those users found needs to notified. Because I put our usernames in the original table, and then people copied that, it means each edit produces lots of mentions. Because a notification could be a form of spam, the forum limits them.

Short-term solution: I just removed all the @ signs, so we should be good as no more mention limit.

Longer-term: We could set up a mission or files category to make this better (a special type of post, which uploads a file, that people could then use search on etc and be more like a traditional ‘file library’), but we’re fairly ‘category addition adverse’. Personally, I think we need to add a bunch soon, but that would mean a whole bunch of recategorization of four years of posts I don’t know if I have the stamina for. Unless of course people wanted to help out (wink!)

I’ll help out if needed. Next week when school starts again i should have some time to spare.

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I will try to take care of then early next week. Trying to do X-Plane VR has given me a headache. :slight_smile:

As we get more missions over time, we can use this:

…rather than the table up top. Should be easier to find missions again.


That’s excellent :salute:


No a mission per se but something to support mission development in the Georgias theater. I came across this yesterday.

[image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/Russian_Military_bases_in_Tskhinvali_Region_of_Georgia.svg]

Click on image for link.

Not much has been done with the South Ossetia area in DCS. From the view I had 2008, it was the focus of the Russia-Georgia War–essential the axis of advance for much of the Russian forces.


On a different subject:

I have always been excited about the inclusion of the SPS-141 EW pod for the Mig-21bis. I am less so excited today. From the button description in the Mig-21 manual, this piece of gear should be able to be used as a jammer against pulse and CW radars, it should also be able to jam and pump out Chaff (at least Chaff) automatically.

I am no longer excited. It evidently does not work. I had read a few posts on its functionality in DCS and basically it pumps out chaff ad flares manually. This has some merit if you need to use the JATO rockets (and lose your chaff/flare packs) because the jet is so heavy…although the pod itself is a bit heavy.

I wanted to do a bit of testing so I built a simple EW range out in the PG. On five Islands I haver placed 4 Blue air defense systems:

  • Rapier - Kish Island,
  • Hawk - Sir Abu Nuayr Island
  • Vulcan M163 - Abu Musa Island
  • Roland - Tumb Island

PG EW Range B4R.miz (9.6 KB)

I have positioned them so that there is no overlap in threat rings. The idea is to fly to the unnamed island SW of Bandar Lengeh, then pick the system you wis to fly against.

I have flown the Mig-21/SPS-141 against all 4 systems at least once - no joy. Even in manual mode it doesn’t seem to do all that much. I haven’t investigated the other Red aircraft ECM suites.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw this out there if anybody wants to do further testing or just practice against these systems.

Enjoy. :salute:


How would you know that your jammer is effective? Shorter engagement range? Missiles doing odd things?

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