DCS Monitor

Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about Windows desktop by itself! And browsers and email and…ugh.

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Would this work? My laptop will support 144. Is the screen too small?

  • 23.6 Inch Screen size
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Ports - HDMI DisplayPort
  • Freesync
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Refresh Rates - 144 Hz
  • 1 MS Response Time
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If you use a 27" you might determine 24" to be too small - if however you use a 24" you will think it is just fine.

1080p means lower resource requirements and is okay for most I expect myself included.

Check the monitor can run at say 60hz - also it might be Freesync but NVIDIA cards don’t typically support that - newer driver versions support a dedicated list on their site mostly DisplayPort.

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Imo, and based on the references here, that would work just fine.

:point_up_2: This .

Win Scaling is a plague upon anyone doing both game development or support currently . I have never in my life seen more post titled " Why is my UI so small, or so Blurry". Toss in the other current sign of this scaling pox , " Why is my dual monitor setup not working right with this 12 year old engine my game is coded on." , and its enough to make one run off into the night screaming.

It is a real issue for many apps for sure , and a very larger than normal percentage of games.

I wonder who blinks first , MS or game engine design teams like UE 4 and Unity? Not Valve though, they will continue to mindlessly walk towards the edge of that cliff they seem determined to plunge off of .

It is rapidly getting to the point of needing to be addressed in a serious manner. I know the Unity of Command II Dev team either has ,( Have not got to try out the awesome and huge update they just released yet, so I am not sure if they applied some type of fix.) or is looking at doing something on their end.

When it starts driving up support cost to the point Dev teams react with such speed, there is a real problem brewing.

Its everywhere in game support forums right now.

Trying to tell some of the newer game player crowd ( Due to stay at home orders) that they need to change some settings in their Windows and that it is not necessarily on the game code or Dev team why they see the above mentioned issues , is a lesson in both futility and learning how to bite ones tongue nearly in two.

I hate to stomp on this thread but we’re in the year 2020 now! There are no more heavy bulky little CRT monitors! I’ve been looking at a 60” 4K 16:9 TV from about 33 inches away for some years now. I kinda equate it to VR goodness without using VR because it gives you a true to life FOV of about 75-78 degrees! More detail in my replies here …

I’d never go back to a teeny-tiny 34" monitor. You just have to make sure the TV you buy can do at least 60hz and has a game mode that’s capable of chroma subsampling of 4:4:4.

I think a 60hz TV is perfect these days because you always want to have Vsync on at 60 fps so your video card doesn’t overheat doing like 200 fps. :smiley: Granted, you won’t get 200 fps in sims like DCS but still … 60 fps is a good number to shoot for.


Thanks Elby. That was thought provoking. Do people really notice with the human eye the difference between 144 and 60hz?

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You will do because the most important thing with VR or a monitor is getting smooth game play without stuttering or tearing. To reduce that typically things like Vertical Sync need to be used and things like GSync/Freesync can help but with caveats.

So currently running DCS at 1080p / 60fps locked to a 60hz display it can be maintained majority of the time (80%) with a well cooled RTX 2080 but even sitting on a carrier deck the fps drop significantly and we start to see stutter.

The chances of you running DCS at 144fps locked to a 144hz display are zero (even if you could get Freesync working). I would expect the best thing to do would be to tell the NVIDIA software to use Adaptive half refresh rate that will try to run it at 72fps which you might get 80% of the time at a guess.

Going to a higher resolution (1080p to 1440p) or trying to run things at a higher refresh rate means it needs more power to try and maintain it and if it cannot then you will see significant disappointment. With laptop and limited cooling aim for as low as you can to ensure smooth gameplay.


The difference you notice is

  1. no screen tearing
  2. no input lag (not an issue for DCS)
  3. small moving objects will be sharper and better to see (matters in DCS)

It‘s mostly about these secondary effects. Some people do see a difference in frame rate, but most can‘t tell.

If you buy new today, get 144hz with adaptive sync (nowadays freesync usually works with nvidia, too) and that means you will have a better picture and more fun.

Also get IPS panels if you dislike these weird color changes when looking from an angle.


As I said above most do not work:

The list of compatible are here:


Mine is not on this list and it works perfectly fine. Just get a recent model and it will most likely just work. Check reviews. Yes, it used to be more complicated, but vendors are getting fed up by getting support tickets, I guess :slight_smile:


Mine is not on the list and doesn’t work at all - and if it is not supported when it breaks in the next patch that really wont be much fun :wink:


No the little chips responsible for this have no firmware so it‘s just added expense for being on the list. :wink:

Ok ok I’ll stop. I‘m sure Scoop will make up his own mind.

One more cool thing to have on a monitor is USB-C, but that‘s a luxury thing and it‘s a bit too early for it still. A year or two from now they will all have it.


I wish I could A lot of contradictory advice. But thanks everyone it is appreciated.


To change the subject slightly.
I thought I had damaged my eyes with VR. However, since I’ve been out of the office and driving again my visual acuity seems to have improved and my headaches after using VR have stopped…
I can now do a full session in DCS with my oculus and not have any problems. I feel like the damage might of been the harsh lighting and the rubbish office PC screens and possibly might not of been caused by VR after all.
So it might be worth finding a 2nd hand 2nd generation oculus or similar rather than having a monitor attached to your beautiful laptop…


I too get less eye fatigue from flying oculus than from playing GTA on the screen. VR FTW! ftw is ancient gamerspeak. For The Win, meani g the bestest.


60" will be OK only in 8k :slight_smile:


It is real alchemy with the monitors.
But what you can always do is to buy monitor online and if it won’t fit your expectations just return it back and decide for another one.

Few weeks ago I returned this way 27" FHD Acer monitor I wanted for work.
After powering it up and staring at the screen for cca 5mins I knew it was not going to work (the screen
-door effect was brutal). Turned it off, put it in the box and returned it.
Still looking for good monitor for office work.


Ha ha ha! I wonder if I’ll still be alive when the Nvidia GTX 5080ti becomes available. :smiley:

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I just bought myself a Benq EX2780Q for home use. Gaming and homeoffice, rarely some photo editing. It works great, and the panel is pretty good. I am used to good panels, coming from NEC monitors. This is not a step back, better colors and brighter if needed. You’ll probably need a vesa stand for it, since the default stand has no height adjustment.

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