DCS Noobish & Excellent Questions (thoughts, ideas; no poetry)

Keeping in the vein of not starting new thread (unless your home in Florida is baking you like a lobster :wink:), howdy you all feel about my starting a “DCS Noob questions” forum?

Right now I’m wrestling with stuff like,

“Can you not really set up a Red side land-based FAC without getting into CTLD?”

“Is anybody else having a computer lock up when they spawn troops using CTLD?”

“Do you think we could get ED to add Mestia Queen Tamar Airport, high in the mountains?”

UGMS Overview

UGMS_CloseUGMS Close Up

“If you dial up a frequency, shouldn’t you be able to at least hear what is on it? Or is it tied to the radio menu?”

…and stuff like that. Some may be Yes or No answers. Some may prompt us to discover new ways of doing things.



I say go for it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This is great. I think that @chipwich’s recommendation that a poster conduct a search on Mudpike and ED Forums first is a good idea.

I also think these are mislabeled as n00b questions. They most definately are not.

Example of a n00b question:

  • Why dont mah missiles hit? and why am the mig at me tail all the time? aint amurhican plane best plane and why I get shot down all the time?

Example of a non-n00b question:

  • Having gained an intimate knowledge of the region DCS portrays, would not this extremely interesting little airport fit nicely into it and is there a reason it is not featured?

(what I am trying to say with a dry joke is that these are excellent questions and a thread for excellent questions is an excellent thing. I also do not have any of the answers you seek, so you may categorize this post as a s***-post.)

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My understanding is Russian CAS is much different than NATO CAS. Where as we operate aircraft under direct control of a coordinating authority (FAC), Russian CAS as I understand it is more akin to what we would consider interdiction. They’re given the current position of the FLOT, an area to search in front of the FLOT, and told to go find and kill something. If my understanding is correct, I can see why REDFOR doesn’t get FACs.

This would be evidence you’ve cross some ones and zeros, and you’ve gotten an error message pop up out of frame.

Heavily Paraphrasing

We just spent a whole bunch of time and money giving you collide able trees, and our performance budget is tapped out for the Caucus. Call back in five to ten years - ED


You’re a ‘Regular@schurem, so you can edit the topic title with your super mod powers - all Regulars here can. Of course, @Hangar200 could change it back, as the original poster. I just plopped in a bit of text, but it wasn’t very good. :slight_smile:

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Why is there no f111 in dcs. Supposedly there is an entry for it in the code

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There are F-111s in DCS, they just stay out of sight and under the radar. They rock at that y’know.


I added a grass airstrip to the area. It’s too bad because UGMS would make a great helo and Harrier FOB…still can with my grass airstrip. Hmmmm…a “Battle of Mestia” mission!

Fairly sure those don’t work yet…

Well drat. I just added it, I hadn’t checked it out yet.

The second great reality of DCS Mission Making:

“If they just finish this one feature, this mission could be awesome!”

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Hmmm. I just realized from looking at your map that “Java” is a real place. All this time I thought it was a FARP canned name similar to “Texaco” for tankers. Will the learning never cease?

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Title changed…and it was definitely not a s*** post. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, I thought my Red side FAC and listening in on other frequencies was fairly, semi noob… @near_blind’s answer was what I was looking for. It’s given me some ideas how to handle it.

… no poetry)

A distant low rumble, the expectancy of thunder
Blue, dotted with white cottonballs, peace like a sheer membrane
Sudden roar tears the very sky apart, jagged shape with a tail of fire
Utter hell explodes ending all perception in fire and smoke
As the dust settles, the low rumble recedes in the distance.



Very nice!…OK…maybe a Haiku…no, better not…the moderator gang will split it off as another thread (that I’ll have to check).

Noob question Alert:

So I have entered Hotel Lua…it seems I can check out any time I like but I can never leave. (Where have I heard that before?)

Most of what I have seen/worked with (blundered through) is/was written before DCS 2.5 was released. This is what I have sort-of figured out so far.

In the beginning there was MIST…it is evidently needed to run …stuff…or you could program stuff like random air traffic to a mission (although why you would want random air traffic in a war zone…?)

One of the things MIST does is enable CTLD (son of CTLS). I’ve gotten CTLD to work but “have much to learn Grasshopper” I can preload and unload troops out of an AI helo –after which they just stand in a circle…not very helpful unless they are being shot at…then they shot back a bit and die. From reading Blue Flag AARs, it seems like a CTLD system is in place both for troops and cargo.

Getting tired of helos (see my the result of my 189th Vector Ring experience in 2.5 screenshots) I was working on getting an AI GCI site to automatically “order” the launch of AI strip alert fighters to do an intercept. After much searching I discovered MOOSE and I think I got it to work…at least not CTD…still testing.

MOOSE evidently doesn’t need MIST to work…and as far as I can tell, after starting as an A2A project, they are now getting into “cargo” stuff which is essentially what CTLD does. There also was somme talk on their intro video about Naval stuff.

Are there a noob questions in all of this? Yes.

Does DCS 2.5 bring things that makes MIST obsolete?

What do “all the cool kids”–the expert DCS aficionados use as their lua “foundation” when mission/campaign building?

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In DCS, the way which the scenario designer can interact with the engine is the Scenario Scripting Engine (SSE).


You can peruse that, and between those commands, and the basic lua library you have an incomplete, yet robust set of tools with which to do your work. Problem is you’ll find programmers are, by nature, an extremely lazy bunch. Generally we are happiest when we can reduce a problem to a logical solution, and solve from there. Taking time to take our beautiful logical concept of the essence of the problem, and translate that into a format the stupid machine can read is sooo 1980s. So we create libraries of functions that are shortcuts so once we figure out an easy way to talk to the machine, we can just copy it and use it later. Then we give it to everyone else so they don’t have to think about it.

That is what MIST Is. It’s a compilation of convenient functions that your average mission designer will use in the creation of most missions. Instead of having to do the math to figure out how to convert between mission space and real world coordinates, or look up a table, or any of the thousands of stupid things you need to do to work within the constraints of lua, you just call the MIST function that Grimes wrote to do it for you. If the SSE is a screw driver, MIST is an electric screw driver. It just makes you do the same things faster.

MOOSE is essentially Google Translate for Machine French. It allows you to code in a format that is much more aligned with modern Object Oriented practices, and then translate that into a format the SSE can understand. (in CS parlance, we call this Abstraction). Instead of a portion of code that takes twenty lines, you can do it in two.

They’re both tools to make your interaction with the scripting engine easier. MIST is older. MOOSE is the new hotness and more ambitious.