DCS Noobish & Excellent Questions (thoughts, ideas; no poetry)



@Hangar200. Just checked ingame and it seems i am correct.

On ground
Communication menu " \ "

In air (this one will give you comms menu whilst in airborne state.)
Radio trigger - Radio " Ralt +\ "


Ah-ha! I think that is the key. Yes, I was using the " \ " because I assumed I was “on the ground” when landed on a GOPLAT…but as the debrief shows, the system considered me airborne. The Hip has a cockpit switch between intercom (grand) and radio. It was in Intercom because I wanted to refuel.

I shall try switching both the cockpit switch and "RAlt + " to radio and see if I at least get the airborne menu.



Next Noobish question: Single Player - I did some searching of the ED DCS World forums. It seems that other than those in your flight, and other things like AWACs, JFAC and tanker, you cannot hear friendly AI - specifically on ATC frequencies. I haven’t run into that yet, but will be shortly given the campaign I’m looking to build. So is it still true? If so, I would think there are scripting (or just ME triggers) ways to work it.

What I really want to do is listen in on enemy AI frequencies…again, I assume this is more than just tuning a radio…probably some triggers or scripting using Message or…the play sound file …both at the same time. Just want to make sure I’m on the right path.

And while I’m thinking about it, and Farsi-speaking voice actors out there?


I would use triggers doing message to and sound-to with perhaps if you want to be fastidious, one of the triggers using cockpit state flags to make sure the radio is tuned right.

Jets whistling through the night,
Getting COMINT on the sly,
Ours is not to question why,
Ours is but to do or die.


This one looks to be Operator Error - I must have had something miss-set with my radios. All better now.


Two noob questions: Can all armor swim? Are tunnels indestructible?

Can Armor swim?: I was learning the A-10C. To make it a bit interesting I set up a mission where a bunch of armor is rumbling down a road. They get to a small river (creek?) with both a road and railroad bridge crossing it. The idea is to load my A-10 with 2 x GBU-10s and a bunch of AGM-65…drop both bridges with GBUs, thus baring the armor’s path, then take them it with the the Mavericks and gun as they sit stationary, thinking what to do next.

Everything was working. Dropped the bridges. The armor column stalled and I took out 3 on my initial pass and 1 on my second. I turned around to go at them again…and now, what was left of them, had crossed the river and was proceeding down the road on the other side.

I guess I can try it with a bigger river but what’s the point if they are just going to swim across?

Are tunnels indestructible?: The Roki Tunnel connects North Ossetia with Georgia/South Ossetia and is duly models in the Caucus Theater. In RL, the tunnel is a vital, strategic line of communication (LOC) into Georgia/South Ossetia, heavily used by Russian forces in the 2008 War.

So obviously I wanted to set up a mission to strike it and close it down. Basically hit the tunnel opening structure so that the rubble blocked the route. (The idea would be to hit it before a vital reinforcing armor column could get through)

It is actually a hard target. For an GBU-10 drop you need to be above 18,000 for a valid CCRP. Even then, there is a fairly narrow “run-in” heading that keeps your bombs off the ridge lines in the area.

I set up a blue indestructible watch tower so I could view the results from the ground.

First “successful” run - I hit it with a GBU-10…lots of fire and smoke…no debris.

Second trial - two Mk-84s (see below)- Direct hit - Again lots of fire and smoke but no debris. (The white smoke was a WP marker…the tunnel is hard to obtain visually from altitude)

What the heck? It looks like I made a “hole” since the fire is inside and outside…but that may just be a graphics thing. Thoughts?


All armor can ford small streams and rivers. Only amphibious capable vehicles (AAV-7, BTR-80s, LAV-25s) can swim through large bodies of water (if you want to test, try the Inguri River Northwest of Zugdidi, or the Kuban River downstream of the reservoir at Krasnodar. Of note, DCS doesn’t differentiate between open and sheltered water amphibious capabilities, so the LAV-25s and their ilk can swim in the ocean with no troubles.

The Roki Tunnel appears to be a unique object that doesn’t have a damaged state modelled. Call it Russian Bias. Blow it up, call it a win, and don’t send units through it in subsequent missions.

Other tunnels do not appear to share the problem


Would it be possible to generate rubble or a barrier after a hit and thus prevent AI from going through it?


The Roki Tunnel can be destroyed, and vehicles will no longer be able to transit it. Since it is a map object, I position a couple of hard bunkers around the entrances and base its destruction on the bunkers. See the attached Back Of The Hand Mission.

Here is a numbering scheme for Flags (@Andrew116 was that you who asked above? ), and some example scripts.

My summer has been consumed with other activity. I am looking forward to getting back to flying and mission development…

WC’s Flags.txt (13.5 KB)
WC’s Mist Examples.txt (25.6 KB)

Back Of The Hand 252C2h.zip (1.1 MB)
(Change the extension back to ‘miz’)



It’s changed since the release of 2.5 Crew. I hit it with 10 GBU-31v1s this afternoon, and then used the scripting command to kill scenery objects for good measure. It caught fire, but it never collapsed.


LOL … why I never pursued working on paid-for missions :slight_smile:

I ran across my old Witchcraft folder to make the reply above. Is the mission editor offering any new object placement capabilities like Witchcraft did? I was able to accurately place the Roki Tunnel bunkers with it, and a very nice factory layout in that same Back Of The Hand mission. That was a gem.


Thanks to all for the replies.

@near_blind, The fording capability for armor is definitely good to know…possibilities for flanking maneuvers in missions.

Roki being indestructible is a bit of a bummer. I was the Director of Intelligence at EUCOM’s intel center for the 2008 war. As one may imagine, the tunnel was vital to the Russian efforts in that war. It was a strategic “choke point”, however, given the disparity between forces, never in any real danger.

I was starting to develop a single player campaign in which Georgia had more air capability. An early mission would be to close off the Roki tunnel. If successful, it would give you a couple missions with less Russia forces in the area…or something like that.

I imagine that I can use scripting to place a destroyed stationary object at the tunnel entrance…regardless, I think that will be back burner for a while.

For @WreckingCrew, regardless of Tunnel “Destroyability”, I definitely want to fly the Back of the Hand mission - Thanks.


Do you mind me asking why it’s so important the tunnel look destroyed? The ramifications of such an action: rapid attrition of ground forces, increased reliance on tactical and strategic air lift capacity, strategic impetus to re-establish a viable supply head (likely the airfields at Tbilisi, or the old Military Road running east of the Ossetian Border) are things that play out over days and weeks, not an hours long mission, and certainly not from the perspective of your cockpit. DCS doesn’t have the strategic simulation where supply would effect ground units: there is no persistence between mission outside what the mission maker creates or conveys.

The tunnel being destroyed can be extremely important to the narrative and flow of your multi-mission scenario, but from a gameplay perspective, it really doesn’t effect much. When you bomb it, it catches fire and as far as you can tell, it’s toast. The only thing it’s not-collapse can really effect or not is units can get through it when they shouldn’t. That begs the question, why is the mission maker sending units through a tunnel he already determined to be destroyed? If this were a persistent world where convoys are running even when you’re not around I could understand, but it isn’t.

The other option is you want convoys to stop at the portal after you bomb the tunnel, but not if you don’t. That’s doable.


Aw comon, nb. It’s a mission objective! And not easily targeted. I have had a lot of fun hours up that way in the Hawg to close that tunnel and stop the Red tide from getting through it and reinforcing south.


That was three paragraphs of me saying that if you keep your scope reasonable, with a bit of extra work and clever mission design you can absolutely make that mission right now instead of waiting however long for ED to implement a fix they may or may not even be aware of.


Umm…well yes. Agree. It would be kind of silly for me to set up missions where I sent a column into the tunnel knowing it will be blocked. As you imply, why set it up in a mission at all. I wouldn’t.

First I was looking at a time challenging initial strike mission. A large Russian force is moving into South Ossetia. You need to strike the South Ossetia end of the Roki Tunnel (without going into Russian airspace), before the force clears the tunnel. I’m sure I can stop the armor group with scripting. Figured some kind of blockage might be easier.

Second, I was just looking for the visual of the tunnel being blocked for a mission or two…send up an A-10 to do some recce with the TGP… yep it’s still blocked…that kind of thing.


Noobish question for y’all. Some triggers are looking for X Z Y coords to place objects. How do I get those coords in the editor? In the ME I hit alt+y and my coordinate system seemed to change on the lower left showing x and z by no y. I’m assuming y is height?

In this case, x was +00250914 and z was -00151422 at my curser. I plugged the values into the trigger with y as my player height and got no joy. Am I reading this wrong / missing how I’m supposed to get X Z Y coords?

Edit: the above X Z is in reference to bullseye. I’m thinking the values it requires is map space? Is this internal only?



Can you place an object and look at its coordinates? Reference from there?


Not sure where to check unit coords after placing it. I can always mouse over it, and see, but same issue with bullseye reference above.

To make matters more difficult here, the helper gate I’m trying to place also requires course to orient it. I’m guessing that has to be an array and am not sure what format the ME needs.



Need to check but typically Z is altitude, not Y.