DCS Noobish & Excellent Questions (thoughts, ideas; no poetry)

So there isn’t a ‘ground units bible’ that anyone knows of?

By that I mean a player-made encyclopaedia that would state all the critical performance stats and behaviours of each of them. Engagement ranges, reload times, behaviour under fire and so on.

I’m surprised if there isn’t - I would have thought someone would have taken up the task by now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cmano? Lol

Ground Units:

How dumb is a rock?
That crosses the river over bombed-out bridges
That ignores the lock
From airborn B*******

I’m sorry, this thread title, I just cant stop it!


Yes the range on them is larger than you would first guess perhaps.

I had a target within the ring, they aimed but never shot. So I took control myself and manually took the shot and watched the rocket overshoot my target by well over a mile.

The rockets minimum range is larger than standard artillery’s max range. Moving the units further from my target, they then aimed for a few minutes and finally started firing.

Hmmmm…perhaps I didn’t give the MRLs enough time…but they were just sitting there…I might have been trying to shoot inside their minimum range.

Perhaps I didn’t let the gun arty time to aim since the target was near max range…that brings up another question, do we think the impact radius has anything to do with the to start firing? Example: An arty piece set to fire at 3/4 max range. If I set a large impact radius–500 m–will it fire faster because it doesn’t have to be all that accurate. If I set a 50 m impact radius it will take longer? I’ll try some of that today.

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I didn’t notice any change based on radius, but I wasn’t counting. An aiming time of even 5 minutes would be too much.

I don’t have the DCS map handy but here is google to give a rough idea on ranging:

To target Krasnodar-Paschkovsky Airfield (Red circle) the Smerch MLRS units had to be south of the blue line. Regular artillery guns were north, and to hit targets beyond the airfield had to be close to the lake.

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I find the rockets shoot very well. The target must be between the min and max rings. Once they shoot, they will take forever and a day to reload. Assign a target and give them the command to Fire, and in about 5 mins they will.

Indirect fire works alright on my end.

ARTY.miz (12.3 KB)

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…and thanks @near_blind for the mission!

It was a truly Noob error. The MRLs have such a big Max range, I hadn’t zoomed out far enough. I was placing the MRLs too close - the target inside of the Min range circle.

I moved them back out and, success!

A very cool firers display…quite devastating on the receiving end.


Yeah I’d probably rather not be on the receiving end of those things.
…or any other artillery to be honest.
I’ve seen PzH 2000 fire in real life and was told about the capabilities. Scary stuff. Firing a volley that will almost simultaneously hit everything in a 200m circle 30+ kilometers away… yeah, someone is having a bad day there.


Kicking this one back up: is it possible to have mission based kneeboards per side?

I don’t think so. A mission can contain Kneeboards but they are not assigned to a side … so both would see them if it was a multiplayer Red vs Blue mission.

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Thanks, figured the restrictions were all or by airframe. Was hoping to have a per-side kneeboard for frequency reference but I’ll have to leave that in the briefing.

I was working up a cool idea for an Mi-8 mission (actually any kind of helo) where you escort a train, taking out any bad guys along the tracks that are trying to attack the train as it goes by.

One problem, it seems that ground units won’t attack a train. …nor will a helo or an aircraft (I didn’t try a ship but …)

A quick work around is to set it up so that ground units fire on a point located on the tracks, triggered when the train enters a zone just before the point.

Off the top of more knowledgable Mudspike heads, is this about right? Any better ways? And why don’t things attack trains to begin with? A civilian thing? Freight trains are legitimate logistics targets.

Anybody else who played GTA: San Andreas and feeling personally attacked now?


Heck, that might even work as an A-10C mission!

Can you put a manpad on a flatbed wagon? or use attack map object bound to the train? Or indeed use fire at position timed to the trains arrival?

I like where you’re going with this, and am looking forward to it.

Trains in the night,
thundering through the dark.
Heavy metal wheels,
carrying their load of need.
Who will take up vigil?
Who will keep watch?

Well it aint me, natch!

(sorry, can’t help myself. It’s the thread title)


I’ve run into the same issue with boats before.

One mission has about one hundred 109s doing kamikaze runs on the Stennis. Damn things just wouldn’t attack (guess they are smarter than me):slight_smile:

I worked around it by putting an armed speedboat at the same spot as the Stennis and gave it the same speed / waypoints. The Stennis completely covers it so it is invisible.

Not sure if that would be doable with a train, but it might be.

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I will try that!

That was a fun one :slight_smile: the one with the frogfeet getting mauled by AEGIS and CWIS was sweet too :cheese:

I would like to ask you one question @NineLine ( if anyone else has some insight pls share also ). From your ED forums signature :

Nick Grey - “I have had the privilege of flying most marks of Spit, the I, V, IX, XIV, XIX and enjoyed working with Eagle to make this simulation of the IX the ‘mutt’s nuts’.”

While Nick was working with ED on the Spit what controllers [ joy, throttle, rudders ] did he use in case of ingame flight testing ( in case he was involved also in that part ) ? That would be interesting to know.

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