DCS Noobish & Excellent Questions (thoughts, ideas; no poetry)



Its max range in DCS appears to be ~150NM. Units with perfect SA refuse to fire it outside of that range. Beyond that, no comment.

They’re terrifying. Oodles of fun and terrifying. You can interdict them with F/A-18, but you have to be in a relatively advantageous position (they need to be coming to you), and ricky ticky tick on your reaction otherwise you don’t have to speed to catch them before they shoot, and you have no chance of catching them after. If the planets align and you’re in position, you can wreak some havoc. Right now the obstruction is without TWS, you’re limited in how much you can send down range in an extremely time constrained scenario.

All that said there’s a reason I’ve been sitting on that particular MP mission until the Tomcat comes out, and it’s not the Bug’s studly prowess as a fleet defense asset. :smile:


Amen to that brother! :scream:


Would you say vampire scary? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ironically, inbound missiles are called “Vampires” so it s quite appropriate!

It’s been a while so I may have te wording wrong (@Navynuke99, help e out here) but the final moments inside the carrier would have sounded something like this:

1MC - Vampires! Vampires Inbound! All hands brace for shock!
(so you grab something solid, bend at your knees and stand on the balls of your feet…this will (supposedly) keep you breaking your feet and ankles from the force of the shock.)

…then the sound of NATO Seasparrow firing followed closely by multiple CWIS’ firing…

…the a couple of very loud explosions…if you were luck enough to hear them it means you are still alive.

1MC (if still working) Missile Hits! Missile Hits Forward, Midships and Aft, Repair 1,2,3,5,7 respond.

Then a bunch of reports of fires and flooding and whatnot as we try to save the ship. As intel bubbas, most of our systems are likely Tango Uniform so its out into the passage ways to help the dead and dying and/or jump on a hose team and start fighting fires.

We were a LANTFLT carrier so we would probably be up somewhere in the Norwegian Sea or, in Vestfjord when all this went down. I’d be working my butt off fighting fires because I really, really would not want to go into that cold water with only my “Rubber Duck” life jacket, really don’t…exposure survivability measured in seconds.

Hopefully I’d get to my assigned raft and get off the ship that way.

If I lived through all that its either wait to be rescued–by ships still fighting the battle…figure the odds–or set sail to @Troll’s island for some warm Julegløg and a chance to play with the SimBox. :sunglasses:


You’d even be welcome! :slight_smile:
And, since the SimBox already is in the guest room, you could roll off the bed and into the seat… :sleeping: :arrow_right::vr:


I have a scripting related question, I am building some interface hardware for XP/DCS, and I am sort of wondering how much data I can expect to get in multiplayer. Mostly thinking of INS and UFC units. I know export.lua now has limitations, anyone know how strongly those are enforced?


Bringing this one back:

Is there a way to rearm/refuel planes like the Viggen and Harrier from improvised fields/on the road? Harrier can land at FARPs and rearm, but it has to be right on the pad to do it. I thought I had something setup that did this a couple months back but I’m drawing a blank now.


Yes? I think. If you have the correct ground units in place near the aircraft (so next to the road), they will rearm/repair.

I can’t remember the specific units off hand but if you take a look at this mission (DCS Mission Submission: Mudspike 3rd Annual Fly-In (2017) Training Mission) and the FARP near Ochimchara, there are a few units near a road (I think).

If you look at the picture included with that mission, the 3 trucks in the centre are the required ones for NATO (fuel, command and whatever the other one is).


Just so I don’t waste an hour trying. I have 2 quick questions…

  1. Can i do a2a refuelling with the fc3 planes. (mig f15 su33 27 etc)

  2. Can I set up a quick mission in the editor with a kc135 or a kc130 running tracks and if I have space in the tanks can I just fly behind it and try for a hook up or do I need to follow different at steps.

Obviously if the answer to q1 is no. Forget q2



Yes with the f-15,su-33,and a-10a (I’ve never tried with the a-10 but it should have that capability) as these are the only fc3 aircraft that can aerial refuel.

And yup ther than asking the tanker to refuel with him you should be able to do exactly that, it’s pretty easy to set a condition on a waypoint so that the tanker orbits and is specifically setup to refuel, but otherwise it should work fairly straightforwardly


I have found that specific option on the editor. Brilliant. I did play with it the other night but couldn’t get it to work with an ai plane tanking off it. I’ll try it with yours truly and see what I can do

Thanks @klarsnow that will save me some time later appreciate the response :+1:


Back on the rearm/refuel from other than an airfield…

Is it trucks or buildings or both?

I’ve put a warehouse and a fuel tank near a FARP and then “attached” support arrows to the FARP. I’ll go back and see if it works without trucks.


Trucks. I think that it is only the trucks. The rest is cosmetic (I believe - though there are specific FARP Ammo and FARP fuel objects, maybe they work).


If someone is testing this and comes to a conclusion, do share :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve tried to rearm / reload an L-39 I landed on a road next to a FARP before but that didn’t work. Too far, I assume.


Road landings / TOs would be cool - heaven knows there are enough highway strips around the world. Last time I looked the add an airfield in the Mission Editor wasn’t working. If/when it does work, I suppose one could add a supply stuff to it…trucks or whatever.


That’s what I had thought, found the old mission I made with a Harrier and loaded it up, can’t rearm from the vehicles and you have to be right on the FARP pad to rearm/refuel there. I may have got my wires crossed at some point, but I found a bunch of old videos with the Viggen where it had the capability and I can’t duplicate it.

The old guide states the following is needed:

M1025 HMMWV APC for radio communications
M818 transport for electrical power
M978 HEMTT tanker for refueling
M818 transport for rearming
M818 and FARP

I’ve checked the boxes for all of those but no joy – I have to be on the actual FARP pad before I can refuel/rearm. I’ve read that one can actually script the FARP object to be underground and still work, but I can’t locate the scripting command to try that.


What about the grass airfield fixed object? It looks to have all the same supply stuff as a regular airfield or FARP. Might need to add something as a supplier…another “real” airfield or warehouse?

It lets me put it on the ME map right over a road … I guess you would set the heading to align it with the road.

I don’t have a fixed wing aircraft that I can easily, safely land on a road…(insert snarky comment about Viggen crashes here)…maybe a Hornet. We’ll see.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. You can link aircraft to takeoff from it, but they start in-flight. I can actually land a lot of aircraft on roads, which is part of why I’d like to get this working. As it stands, it looks like I’ll have to start in-flight and wing it; c’est la vie.


Another set of Noob questions, this time about artillery…I would say AI artillery, but since there is no other kind…

  1. Can I safely assume that MRLs like the US vehicle and “Stalin’s Pipe Organs” don’t actually shoot?

2 - I see the range ring in the ME, however, it appears that the guns won’t fire until they are less tha ½ that range. Am I missing something?

For example, are they only good to max range if they have LOS? Or maybe a spotter? (kind of like a JFAC?). When placed near max range, the barrels elevate but that is it.

(I’m developing a mission where an arty barrage softens up some vehicles/troops before a couple of Mi-8s go in to clean up.)


MLRS will shoot but it takes them a while to set up a firing solution, depending on the launcher. @Wes was playing around with the tactical commander the other night and found that the rings don’t necessarily match their min/max range. In the editor for me, so as long as the target is like right on the edge of that ring, the launchers will shoot. I don’t believe they have a FO/spotter requirement.

Only tested with the BM-21 Grad FWIW.