DCS: Normandy WW2

I Marseilles this has gotten out of hand.

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Bordeaux-line @near_blind

You Rouen’d it.

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Good, this whole thing was a Metz.

I’m glad Verdun here

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Took Toulon.

No need to get Annecy…

This has to be the Würst derail…

oops, wrong country

This topic has become a trajeudi…

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EPIC!!! Are these from The new 2.5 merge? Would be great to narrow DCS down to one install.


C…C…C…Combo breaker!

You’ll have to ask the authors :slight_smile: Wags and/or Einstein. As far as I know, Normandy will be either integrated into 2.5 or into 2.0 together with the Nevada map. It won’t be another new client.

2.5 likely won’t come until the updated Caucasus map is ready. And considering the amount of teasing and sneak peeks we’ve been getting the last couple of days (wags’ avatar on the ED forums is also always a hint :slight_smile: ) I think it’s fairly safe to conclude all hands are currently on deck to finish Normandy.

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No, sadly. The current roadmap is to finish Normandy (and Hormuz?) as 2.0 maps, then focus on finishing the Caucus conversion for 2.5. The split existence continues for the foreseeable future.

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@Sryan: Jinx!

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Thank You,Yes that does make good sense.Cheers!

At least for now:

Normandy --> Caucasus --> SoH --> Surprise



Would that be Surprise AZ or NY?


It could be the perfect name for the continuation of our French towns puns! :fr:

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Detroit would be more of a war zone I think :slight_smile:

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Back to the current thread. A Jug would certainly feel at home in Normandy!

Ah, Annecy… great place.

Sorry, you had me reminiscing there.

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